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Gretchen Barretto Issues Another Statement Against Mom: “stop Abuse Now!”

This one, we have seen it coming. In an unsurprising turn of events, the ugly word war between Gretchen Barretto and her mother Estrella ‘Inday’ Barretto just gets uglier by the day. And the unending saga continues to unravel right before the eyes (and ears) of the public.

But there is a change in how the plot goes on. It seems that the mother and child tandem is narrowing the cast of their feud. If in the past, other family members have been involved in their fight, now, the battle has come into two: just Gretchen and Inday.

This could be the real clash. The 43-year-old Kapamilya actress is now directly throwing invectives against whom she calls as her ‘abuser,’ her own mom, 76-year-old Inday. Last week, the latest turf of word war started when Gretchen assumed that several of her Instagram bashers are accounts owned and controlled by Inday.

Narcissistic and abusive mom

Inday Gretchen BarrettoAs retaliation, she supposedly exposed some of Inday’s darkest secrets. She talked about ‘molestation’ and how Inday has always been a narcissistic and abusive mother. She even recounted an instance involving Miladay Jewelry, wherein she accused Inday of stealing a set of jewelry.

In a short reaction, Inday simply shrugged off Gretchen’s insinuations and said “this one has always been stupid even in her evil ways.” She denied the accusations and clarified that she owned the jewelry that was lost by Miladay. She even continued to shout out what could be perceived as insults to Gretchen, particularly how she lives now.

Of course, Gretchen would not take those sitting down. From London, in the UK where she now temporarily lives with her daughter Dominique Cojuangco (with long-time live-in partner Tony Boy Cojuangco), she issued a personal statement to strike Inday once again.

Latest statement from Gretchen

In that statement, she reiterated how in her teenage years, she was forced to work in show business just to earn money for the entire family. She pointed out how she thinks she was turned into a milking cow without any appreciation and acknowledgement in return.

She again recalled how her parents used her earnings not just to provide for the family but also to fund their caprices. She particularly implied how Inday was a materialistic mom, who forces her to work and takes all of her money. Inday was also described as a manipulating and control-freak mother who seems to be scheming in all ways.

In the end, Gretchen hinted that she is not happy to serve as a bad example to children in our society. She acknowledged that it is against the norms to fight back at parents, but she emphasized that children also have to defend their selves and fight back especially if their parents are abusive ones.

She assured Inday that she is always ready to face her because the truth is on her side. She even warned that the truth terrifies Inday. Thus, she called on her to “Stop the abuse now.”

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Gretchen Barretto Issues Another Statement Against Mom: “stop Abuse Now!”

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