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Jenny Miller Reveals That Friend Claudine Barretto Seems To Hide From Her

By common standards, Jenny Miller can consider herself and Claudine Barretto as bestfriends. She stood as maid of honor on Claudine’s wedding to Raymart Santiago. On the other hand, Claudine and Raymart stood as sponsors to Jenny’s wedding. To top it all, Jenny is also the godmother of Claudine’s two children, Sabina and Santino.

Through the years, Jenny and Claudine were close friends. Their communication has always been intact. But these days, Jenny feels bothered because they don’t seem to be friends anymore. She revealed that it has been over a year since she last heard directly and personally from Claudine.

According to Jenny, she last talked to Claudine during the latter’s birthday last year. But after that, Claudine stopped communicating with her. This baffles Jenny, who remains clueless up to this day about what happened. She could not tell why all of a sudden she seemed to have been shut out from the lives of Claudine and Raymart.

Marital problems

However, Jenny confirmed that during the last time they were in touch, Claudine had told her about her simple misunderstandings with Raymart. Back then, Jenny could tell that something was wrong with the relationship of Claudine and Raymart. But she could not really tell what was that.

Jenny also disclosed that for many times, Claudine had become open and vocal to her about her marital problems. But Jenny thought those were simple and normal misunderstandings between couples. She just came surprised that suddenly, their communication ended.

She also admitted that she constantly tries to communicate with Claudine. She has tried using all platforms possible like text messages, Twitter, and Facebook. Jenny also continues to send messages to Claudine to ask her how she is doing these days. Jenny said she has also assured Claudine that she (Jenny) would always be there if Claudine needs a friend to talk to.

Concern for children

Now, Jenny is also bothered because she has not heard about how her two godchildren are doing. She admits that she misses Sabina and Santino. She also recalled how Claudine used to share to her about any progress and milestones in the children’s studies.

For now, Jenny knows that she could not do anything but to pray for Sabina and Santino. She hopes the two children would not be heavily affected by the turmoil that is hitting their parents, Claudine and Raymart. She also feels sad about the current trouble between the estranged couple. She does not agree that the Claudine and Raymart have to deal with each other in court.

Claudine is currently focused on her legal battle against Raymart. They are both facing lawsuits filed against each other. As of press time, Claudine is trying to remain mum about the happenings in the court battle. But she is also facing a battle at home front as sister Gretchen Barretto continues to hit her through aiming at her parents, Miguel and Inday Barretto.

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Jenny Miller Reveals that Friend Claudine Barretto Seems to Hide from Her

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