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John Prats Is Ready To Settle Down With Isabel Oli

John Prats said he has plans to marry girlfriend Isabel Oli, but he doesn't want to reveal the details yet as of now. The actor-TV host said he wants Isabel to be surprised once he finally proposes.

John added he's keeping these details to himself first because he doesn't want Isabel to expect. "I want her to be surprised sa least na time na ini-expect niyang mangyayari."

The TV host said he cannot see anyone with him in the future but Isabel. He added it's about time for him to think about settling down. He is, after all, already 29 years old. In fact, John feels that he is already late in deciding to settle down. His parents married at a very early age, and the TV host said he saw how well-rounded they grew up with them as role models.

John said he's ready to get married already, and everyone's urging them to tie the knot since they give out a very positive vibe as a couple.

The TV host felt very blessed for the "different level of happiness" he has with Isabel. He is also happy with the reaction of the public to his relationship with Isabel--no one is being negative, he added.

John is no stranger to showbiz relationship. He has entered into a couple of relationships, most popularly with Shaina Magdayao and Bianca Manalo. However, he said he doesn't regret any of these failed relationships because he is able to appreciate what he has now with Isabel.

The actress, he added, is very supportive and understanding of him. She understands his work, and she knows he needs to do all those things for the future.

Although he didn't compare Isabel to his part girlfriends, John takes pride that everything with the actress feels easy--that she doesn't get jealous, so John feels comfortable working with other actresses.

The relationships he and Isabel had before helped them appreciate what they have. Now, they know what and what not to do when they are part of a couple.

"Iba talaga siyang kasama. Whenever I’m with her, siya yung komedyante sa amin at hindi ako."

Asked what they argue about, John said it's just petty things like when he forgets to text or when Isabel dreamed he has another girl.

John is also mighty proud of his girlfriend because she is well-loved by the Prats family. Although his family has always welcomed all his past girlfriends, this is the first time for the TV host that he doesn't need to build-up his girlfriend because he's very comfortable who Isabel is.

One time, John was in Nueva Vizcaya while Isabel decided to visit his family. He's happy that she's comfortable enough to visit them even though he's not there.

This Christmas, Isabel and John would have to spend the holidays apart since the actress will be in Singapore while John will be in the country with his family.

The same goes with New Year. Hopefully, they can spend time after New Year, the TV host said.

John is not open to spending his holidays in Singapore because they are a "practical couple" and he doesn't want to spend that much money if he's only going to be there for two days.

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John Prats Is Ready To Settle Down With Isabel Oli

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