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Krista Kleiner Breaks Up With Jay-R Because Their Relationship Was Getting “Abusive”

Krista Kleiner and Jay-R remained silent about the reason for their breakup almost a year ago. However, a guest stint on DJ Mo Twister’s radio show pushed Kleiner to admit the real reason for their breakup.

According to PEP.PH, she guested on the said radio show because she has to promote her new album, titled Feel So Good. During her guesting, she also helped Twister give love advices for the callers. One caller asked for an advice from Kleiner.

The former Bb. Pilipinas-International admitted that it is indeed hard to move on from a long-term relationship. She couldn’t help it but talk openly about her failed relationship with Jay-R.

Twister pushed the former beauty queen to share the reason why they broke up. Kleiner said that she thought the “relationship was getting a little bit abusive.”

The radio disc jockey, who was also involved in a scandal last year, was surprised to hear what Kleiner said. He asked her if by abusive, she meant physical. Kleiner said she was being abused both physically and verbally.

Twister then asked if she ever used her martial arts skills against Jay-R. She said that she got a kick or two during one of their fights.

Kleiner said that it was the way “someone” was raised that they allow themselves to hurt other people physically. She said that if that “someone” was raised to think that it’s okay to hurt your loved ones, then he would think that it was right once he starts doing it.

The former beauty queen has always been silent about the real reason for their breakup. She only said in March last year when they announced their split that they are trying to make it work, and that they want to keep the reasons to themselves.

Twister tried to ask Kleiner for more details about the breakup, but she already refused to tell it all. She jokingly told the radio disc jockey that they should just talk off-air.

But she clarified that she didn’t let anyone just push her around, and that she “fought back.”

Jay-R’s side

PEP.PH tried to get Jay-R’s side regarding what Kleiner said. His statement was brief, however. He said that he doesn’t mind all the negative comments about him because that’s part of showbiz life.

About his former flame, he just said that he wished her the best in her career and her life.

Kleiner is in Malaysia until March 7.

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Krista Kleiner Breaks Up With Jay-R Because Their Relationship Was Getting “Abusive”

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