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Claudine Barretto: “We Hear Gretchen’s Cry For Help”

Beleaguered and controversial actress Claudine Barretto has once again proven that she is the type who would always fight back. After keeping her silence for a few days, she once again graced requests by showbiz reporters for a brief but meaningful interview. She was cornered by selected members of the entertainment press who were invited to the birthday celebration of her legal counsel Ferdinand Topacio. The event was held last November 7 at Society Lounge in Makati City.

At first, Claudine was hesitant to talk to reporters as she reminded them that she is currently observing a gag order from the court. That is related to her current legal battle against estranged husband Raymart Santiago. As of now, both camps seem to try their best not to talk about their cases. However, she agreed to say her piece about the recent controversy that involves the Barretto family, particularly the word war between her mother Estrella ‘Inday’ Barretto and older sister Gretchen Barretto.

To open the interview, Claudine started by disclosing that she is constantly being surprised by the events that transpire. She revealed that her parents are hurting over what is happening within the family. The elder Barrettos are particularly hurt by 43-year-old Gretchen’s accusations against them. It could be recalled that Gretchen called them ‘narcissistic mother and alcoholic father’ who forced their two children to work for the family.

Excluded from last will

Claudine reminded everyone that her parents are about 77 years old. She reiterated that if something happens to any of them because of the hurt, she knows who to blame. When asked to comment about Gretchen’s pronouncement that she would not attend her mother’s burial (if Inday would pass away), Claudine immediately exclaimed that Gretchen would not be invited at all. She even disclosed that Gretchen has already been excluded in their parents’ last will and testament.

About Gretchen’s allegation that she (Claudine) was previously diagnosed with ‘histrionic personality disorder,’ Claudine said she is amused. She emphasized that it is odd for Gretchen, who did not even finish elementary, to diagnose her and her parents with such a medical disorder. Now, she accused that it could be Gretchen who was diagnosed with that.

Respecting their parents

Claudine also emphasized her belief that children should not fight with their parents. To this, she warned her older sister that doing so might get back at her someday. She advised her sister that she should hold it back or her (Gretchen) own daughter would also disrespect her in the future.

To this, Claudine admitted that she is never a perfect daughter. But she said she had already apologized to her parents about all the hurt and embarrassment that she have caused them in the past. She also expressed her gratitude to some family friends who keep their love and support to her parents even if they are not biologically part of the family. One of those is Edu Manzano who she recently described as her adoptive brother.

Fight against demons

When asked about her much anticipated and delayed showbiz comeback, Claudine admitted that this may still not be the right time to do so. She insisted that she must now keep her focus on her family especially her kids. Claudine then described her opponents as ‘demons.’

For her message for Gretchen, Claudine simply stated that she thinks her older sister needs help. Ironically, she sighed, “We hear Gretchen’s cry for help.” Claudine said she knows Gretchen would not stop from issuing many more fabricated lies. But she asserted that the ‘devil’ would always try but would never win. At the end of the interview, she simply asked everyone how many of the Ten Commandments have already been violated by Gretchen. We could not help but count.

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Claudine Barretto: “We Hear Gretchen’s Cry for Help”

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