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‘canadian Teacher’ Makes Insensitive Remarks About Filipino Typhoon Victims In Fb

All eyes across the international community are focused on the Philippines today. That is because the country has experienced serious and unimaginable devastation after typhoon ‘Yolanda’ (international codename ‘Haiyan’) hit it on Friday (November 7). The typhoon was described as the strongest in the world this year and possibly the most devastating to ever make a landfall in global history.

Now, the victims of the calamity are somehow having a hard time picking up the pieces again. Filipinos are fostering the spirit of ‘bayanihan’ (reaching out) once again. Interestingly, even the international community is offering helping hands.

The social media is now flooding with messages of hope, help, and sympathy to the Philippines particularly to the typhoon victims. Unfortunately, there are still a few unkind souls who are viewing this unfortunate incident in a totally different perspective. If there is one thing calamity victims don’t need now, it is harsh and insensitive words coming from irresponsible and insensible social media users.

Insensitive remarks

Recently, Facebook is being bombarded by users who are reacting to racist comments about the Philippines by a Facebook user, with profile name Jax Cote. Her post inevitably drew criticisms. It read: “So this means the world is getting rid of a whole wack of Phillipino’s [sic] about time God cleaned house!”. Here's the photo:
Canadian Teacher Jax Cote Insenstive Remarks About  Victims of Typhoon Yolanda
That controversial and cruel message has become a trending topic across the social media these days. Those who are reacting against her pronouncements are not surprisingly Filipinos who live in various areas in the world. Some users of other nationalities are also expressing support to the Filipinos and in turn condemning the insensitive FB user.

Part of the backlash against Jax Cote is a Facebook page called ‘Jax Cote Haters.’ Obviously, the Webpage was created to fight back and respond to the logically twisted view of Jax Cote about Filipinos, about natural disasters, and about the Divine Being.

Going ‘private’

Perhaps, upon realization that she would get bullied after her misdemeanor online, Jax Cote cancelled her Facebook account within 24 hours after the Jax Cote Haters page went up. But she obviously created a second Facebook account to defend herself (reportedly using the account name ‘Jax Scotte’). However, upon checking, she somehow set it to private setting.

Many of the online netizens seem to be on the crackdown to get her. According to one Facebook user who claims to personally know her, Jax Cote’s real name is Jaqueline Cote. That informer clarified that she is not actually a teacher and that she has been at large several times for various complaints filed to the police, mostly from Vancouver landlords.

In her original Facebook profile (the one she used to post her insensitive message), Jax Cote claimed that she lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. She listed her profession as a teacher in a private elementary school. She also claimed to be a graduate of Trent University.

The next DeDiva

Jax Cote would be the second irresponsible social media user who has posted irresponsible and insensitive comments about the Filipinos of late. Just last month, a teaching assistant in Singapore named Devina DeDiva became controversial when she posted offensive remarks about Miss World Philippines Megan Young, who won the Miss World crown for 2013.

In her posts, DeDiva insulted Miss World Megan Young and in the process made insensitive generalizations about the Filipinos. After suffering from heavy backlash from Filipinos across the social media and after reportedly losing her job, DeDiva eventually apologized not just to Megan but also to the rest of the Filipinos who were insulted by her remarks.

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‘canadian Teacher’ Makes Insensitive Remarks About Filipino Typhoon Victims In Fb

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