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Cristy Fermin, Joey Reyes, And Lucy Torres Resign From ‘Showbiz Police’

For the very few viewers of TV5’s weekend gabfest ‘Showbiz Police,’ the showbiz talk show must have decided to slow down a bit due to typhoon Yolanda. The show aired a replay of an episode last Saturday, 6 p.m. But to those who know many people from the staff, there is a reason for the show not to come back on air.

It has been many weeks now since talks have circulated that TV5 is axing the new show. In fact, just a week after its initial airing, there have already been speculations that the show would not last even a single season. The reason: the show is failing to draw in good ratings and decent level of advertisements.

Many insiders also assert that one of the show’s hosts, Cristy Fermin, is not in good terms with the new entertainment head of the network, Wilma Galvante. To many viewers, the show has been lacking significance since its start. That was because ‘Showbiz Police’ has been failing in epic proportions to draw interest because of poor content.

Goodbye ‘Showbiz Police’

According to sources, the show would not return to air. That is if the management does not decide to replace its main hosts, writers, and other staff. They assert that Cristy, Direk Joey Reyes, and Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez have already decided not to pursue hosting the show.

That is because sources think that they have felt violated when TV5 management decided to reformat the show due to cost-cutting schemes. According to reports, Raymond Gutierrez would remain as the main host and the three co-hosts would only have alternating turns to co-host the show with him every week.

Thus, Cristy, Joey, and Lucy would only be seen on the show once a month. This is like streamlining the show’s hosts, which to many observers are just too many for a show that practically lack substance. Most of the hosts, staff, and crew also reportedly felt elated when some of their co-workers were fired to give way to some people appointed by Wilma.

Cost cutting scheme

What is going on with TV5? According to sources, it is payback time. If the network had become too generous in spending high budget for worthless shows in the past, now, the network has to make do with a lean amount of cash. That is why as much as possible, the network wants to significantly cut on costs.

This was also the same reason why TV5 reportedly had to cancel Willie Revillame’s noontime show ‘Wowowillie’ last month. The show obviously had been consuming billions of pesos in talent fees and overhead costs, but unfortunately, it was not bringing in returns of investment.

But Cristy’s followers, if there are any, need not worry. The TV host-columnist is not expected to go somewhere else. That is because she had burned bridges with GMA-7 and ABS-CBN in the past. The same goes with Joey and Lucy. What goes around, comes around. They are now stuck in oblivion.

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Cristy Fermin, Joey Reyes, and Lucy Torres Resign from ‘Showbiz Police’

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