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Bashers Hit Kris Aquino For Donating P400,000 To Typhoon Victims

It is definitely difficult to be in Kris Aquino’s shoes. That is because it seems that no matter what she does or what she does not, some people would not tire from criticizing her.

To many observers, Filipinos would always have an opinion about Kris, whether they like her or not.

Kris is being criticized heavily by her bashers online. That is because according to those critics, she was bragging her donations to typhoon Yolanda victims. This issue stemmed from an Instagram post that shows the picture of a cheque issued by her worth P400,000.

The amount was donated to Lucy Torres-Gomez, a House representative from Ormoc, Leyte, which is one of the areas that were hit the hardest by the super typhoon. In an instant, bashers swooned to Instagram to hit Kris for allegedly boasting about her capacity to donate to the calamity victims. Here's a screenshot:

Kris Aquino Donation

The truth about it

At first glance, it could be somehow disappointing. People should be grateful to Kris for her good deed but anyone could agree that it may leave a bad taste in the mouth if you brag about those donations. However, one should not make hasty judgments and conclusions.
Kris, Richard, Lucy Torres
The truth is, the picture of the cheque did not come from and was not posted by Kris. It was Richard Gomez, Lucy’s celebrity husband, who posted it through Instagram. But Kris’ bashers overlooked this fact. Many people also reacted not checking their facts straight.

Now, what could be the motive of Kris for donating such a big amount of money to typhoon victims in Ormoc? In fairness to the Queen of All Media, she has always been generous to the less fortunate. And to make it clear, it was not her who posted the picture of the cheque. Of course, we could not expect the bashers to at least say an apology.

For her part, Kris seems to be already immune to such critics. But many observers note that she has always been generous when it comes to donating to calamity victims. And she is giving money from her personal pocket, unlike many politicians who donate from the money they looted from public funds.

Richard’s blunders

Now, it should be Richard who should explain why he decided to put Kris into such a compromising situation. The guy is incurring his own bashers these days, though. That is because he and Lucy recently posted a ‘selfie’ of them posing like tourists in front of a chopper, which obviously is bound for Ormoc.

Richard and Lucy are being criticized for being insensitive in these times of calamity. And the feisty Richard is not taking the criticisms in stride. In fact, he seems to be in a war mode, bashing back his critics online. Well, as many people say, calamities bring not just the best but also the worst in all of us. Let’s just hope all donations to typhoon victims really reach the intended recipients.

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Bashers Hit Kris Aquino For Donating P400,000 To Typhoon Victims

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