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Justin Bieber’s Photos With Typhoon Yolanda Victims Are Hoax; He Didn’t Come To Leyte

There are still many gullible netizens out there. After bashing local celebrities and politicians over their respective blunders with regards to Typhoon Yolanda devastation, online bashers seemed to have been fooled last week. That was because many of them easily and instantly fell to fake photos featuring Justin Bieber.

Along with the fake photos, rumors circulated online that the Canadian pop star secretly went to the Philippines to personally check on the victims of the typhoon in Leyte. Surprisingly, many Filipinos fell to the trap and praised Justin for the supposed good deed.

Only a few days after did they realize how gullible they have become. One of those who were easily deceived by the hoax rumor was Mariel Rodriguez, who re-posted in her Instagram the photos of Justin that are now officially considered as hoax. She eventually deleted the post but without any apology.

Justin doesn’t care

Now, the truth has come out. Justin Bieber did not come to the Philippines. For many observers, it is not in his character to actually think of doing so. The self-absorbed international celebrity is now heavily criticized abroad for his various misdemeanors and irresponsible actions.
But who could that person be in the pictures? Those photos showed Justin interacting with typhoon victims. In one picture, he was helping a child tie his shoelace. On another, he was carrying and kissing a little girl.

Not forgotten, not forgiven

A local photographer named Noel Orsal has claimed that most of the pictures belong to him. He was surprised upon seeing the photos online because he could not remember taking those with Justin as his subject. Thus, those pictures were inappropriately edited to make it look like Justin was actually in the site to check on the calamity victims.

Noel sounded furious over the social media. He even reminded his followers about how Justin made fun of Manny Pacquiao when the boxing champ previously lost a fight in Las Vegas. It seems that many Filipinos have not yet forgotten how Justin embarrassed Pacquiao and the Philippines with his edited image of the boxer after a knock out.

Looking like a good guy

Who could have edited the pictures to make Justin look like a good guy? Most netizens think it could be some of his loyal fans. They think that the photo editor might have done it intentionally to make it appear in the international community that he cared for the typhoon victims.

It could also be noted that the little girl that Justin was kissing in one of the pictures doesn’t look like a Filipino child. Some observers claim that the image was actually taken when Justin once visited Guatemala. Were you also deceived by those pictures?

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Justin Bieber’s Photos with Typhoon Yolanda Victims are Hoax; He Didn’t Come to Leyte

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