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Did ABS-CBN Suspend Korina Sanchez Over Her Biased Remarks About Anderson Cooper?

The aftermath of Super Typhoon Yolanda is bringing about different issues that could be surprising at times. Over the weekend, speculations have emerged that ABS-CBN suspended their top news anchor Korina Sanchez because of the controversy she is facing these days.

According to reports, the Kapamilya network has realized that it should do damage control measures to make sure public opinion would not go against the news department and the entire company. ABS-CBN must have realized that it could not take that risk so it should make the news reader take a break to wind up and cool things down.

But there is confusion. Did ABS-CBN ‘suspend’ Korina or did it just ask the personality to just go on a ‘vacation’? Insiders from the network insist that it was not a suspension but a mere advice to make her take a break. And for how long would it last? Over the weekend, talks circulated that she would be muted for a week. Now, sources disclose she would be gone in two weeks.

Korina vs. Anderson

Korina’s trouble started when she made her biased remarks about CNN correspondent and anchor Anderson Cooper. Last week, Anderson reported news directly from Tacloban, Leyte. On Wednesday (November 13), Korina declared that Anderson had no idea what he was talking about when he said that government presence was nowhere in sight.

That remark was tainted with political color because Korina is the wife of DILG secretary Mar Roxas, who is busy supervising the government’s relief efforts in the Visayas. Typhoon victims are actually complaining about government’s response to the situation. Anderson also reiterated that he did not say that government presence was nowhere.

And so the burden of her words boomeranged and hit Korina in her own head. She must be feeling disappointed now that even some of her news co-anchors and reporters at ABS-CBN News sided with Anderson, saying that he was merely reporting what he actually saw in Tacloban whereas Korina was just reading news at the comfort of the airconditioned studio.

Korina gone for now

The following day, on November 14, Korina made a news report live from Ormoc City in Leyte. It is not clear if she has actually gone to Tacloban to see in her own eyes the despair and disappointment of calamity victims over government’s slow relief operations. But it was the last time she was seen on air so far.

The following day, Korina did not report in ‘TV Patrol,’ where she is one of the main anchors. She was also absent on her radio show in DZMM ‘Rated Korina.’ Her viewers and listeners may not expect to see and hear her for the next two weeks.

As of press time, ABS-CBN is yet to make any statement about this controversial issue. It is not clear if it would remain mum about it or if it would finally break its silence to clarify the issue. To many observers, it is clear that the network, for now, does not want to have anything to do with Korina or it might bear the burden of the growing public hatred towards one of its most prized news personalities.

ABS-CBN News and its credibility

It is also odd for a news personality like Korina to take a vacation during these interesting times. Reporters and broadcasters logically want to be more visible in times like this because there are so many interesting news and issues to be reported.

ABS-CBN’s primetime newscast has a problem because all its anchors have been involved in politics. Korina is the wife of Mar Roxas, a presidential candidate for 2016. Noli de Castro was former ally and vice president of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Ted Failon was a former congressman.

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Did ABS-CBN Suspend Korina Sanchez Over Her Biased Remarks about Anderson Cooper?

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