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Former PBB Housemate Almost Killed In Shooting Incident

Early morning on Friday, November 15, former ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ housemate Johan Santos was almost killed when unknown and armed men tried to shoot him in a parking lot. He immediately shared the news to his followers on social networking site Instagram. Not surprisingly, it was a traumatic event for the reality show star, who has also been trying his luck to make a mark in local show business.

In his Instagram account, Johan not only shared his experience. He also posted a picture of his black SUV that was struck by a bullet from the armed men. It is not clear if he actually reported the incident to the police before he relayed it to his social media followers.

According to Johan, it was 2 in the morning of November 15 when the incident happened. He was parking his vehicle in front of his house in Panay Avenue in Quezon City. Upon parking, Johan said he disembarked to check if he parked the car properly. He did not turn off the engine and he left his driver’s side window open.

Men in shady characters

He recalled that not far from where he was, there was a parked Lancer without any plate. The two men who were from that car went out and started going to his direction. Johan said he instantly felt that the two men were about to do something bad as the other one was wearing a bonnet and holding a gun in his hand.

With his instinct, Johan immediately got into his car and shifted gear so he could drive away. That was when the armed man pointed his gun at him. The man warned Johan not to drive away. But Johan thought he should do his best to run. He just stooped down while doing so.

Shooting Johan

As he drove away, that was when the armed man shot his gun towards him. Johan could only be thankful that he was able to dodge the bullet. But it hit the passenger window side of his car. Fortunately, the incident did not incur much damage to his vehicle.

To this, Johan advised his Instagram followers to be more careful when parking their vehicles. That is because according to him, carnappers and other thieves are out there to do their thing. It is not yet clear if the incident could be considered as a carnapping attempt or if someone hates Johan so much that he is willing to have him killed.

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Former PBB Housemate Almost Killed in Shooting Incident

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