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Lovi Poe Doesn't Want To Publicize What She Did For Typhoon Victims

Lovi Poe would much rather keep whatever she did for the typhoon victims low-key. She said as long as she did something, that's alright for her. There's no need to publicize her small way of helping.

She was then asked what she was feeling about the criticisms being hurled against the Aquino administration because of its snail-like pace in delivering the relief.

Lovi said it's hard to judge anyone because she is sure everyone wants to help in their own way. The only problem is that it is also hard to find sincere people who do not have an ulterior motive.

She only hopes it will not go to a point where officials will engage in finger pointing already. She prays that everybody in the relief operations is out there to really help the victims of the typhoon.

Asked how her father, the late Fernando Poe Jr., would have handled a situation like Yolanda, Lovi said she is confident her father would do a lot of things for the victims.

It's not that she's against the current government, the actress clarified. She just believes her father would be effective in his role as President if he was given the chance.

Meanwhile, Lovi explained why she has always been quiet when it comes to her relationships. She said that she doesn't actually denies anything, but she just doesn't want to comment to give respect to her partner.

"It’s not about denying things, it’s about keeping things private. Kumbaga, I know na I’m a public figure, pero siyempre, there are things that I wanna keep din for myself."

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Lovi Poe Doesn't Want To Publicize What She Did For Typhoon Victims

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