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Wenn Deramas Denies Getting Back Together With DJ Durano

Box office director Wenn Deramas denied that he and ex-boyfriend DJ Durano have reunited after onlookers saw the actor visiting the set of "Galema."

Wenn said he simply endorsed DJ to the production of "Galema" since he is a good actor who deserves a break. They remained friends even after their breakup last February of this year.

In September, the director admitted his 10-year relationship with the actor ended because DJ already found a new love. He didn't say who this new-found love is. Wenn only said he didn't want to meet him/her.

There is no bad blood between him and DJ, the director said, so it is only natural for him to want to help the actor even after their separation. The important thing is they are still able to be friends after all that happened.

Wenn admitted he already has a new non-showbiz boyfriend, who also has his own career to take care of. This new boyfriend of his would, in fact, always remind him to live a healthier lifestyle.

DJ knew about the new guy, the 45-year-old director said, but added the actor doesn't comment about his lovelife anymore.

Meanwhile, the director denied that he had a mild stroke earlier as reported by the media. He clarified that he suffered from pneumonia, and that was why he was hospitalized.

The reason why the media thought he had a mild stroke was because he was admitted to the cardiac care unit of the hospital. The thing is, the doctors weren't able to initially diagnose what was wrong with him. And since he couldn't breath properly, they had to put him in the CCU.

After two days, it was found out that it was a case of pneumonia.

"Binatukan ako nang husto ng Diyos, na hindi ako robot, tao lang ako. Hindi na rin ako bata para abusuhin ko nang ganyan ang katawan ko."

He learned his lesson well. After his bout with pneumonia, the director made sure he had a particular cut-off for the day, so he can start resting and relaxing already.

Now, he will make sure he will accept projects one at a time and not at the same time like what he did before.

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Wenn Deramas Denies Getting Back Together With DJ Durano

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