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Model Edward Mendez Admits Dating Dra. Vicki Belo

For quite some time now, rumors have been persistent that something romantic is going on between Dra. Vicki Belo and model-turned-actor Edward Mendez. Some sources claim that they have sighted the two going out and enjoying company of each other. The rumors have started to emerge after Vicki broke up with ex-boyfriend Hayden Kho for good.

There are even reports that Hayden has been very jealous of Edward. He could logically be blaming Edward for his failure to win back Vicki’s heart. Well, Hayden could have all the reasons to get jealous. That is because Edward now works as a consultant and endorser of Belo Medical Clinic.

According to Edward himself, he also works now as a physical trainer of Vicki’s family. That is why he has become closer not just to Vicki but also to her two children---director Quark Henares and beauty manager Crystalle Henares.
He has also become close to Vicki’s former husband Atom Henares. That is how close Edward has become to Vicki and her family. It could be recalled that Hayden also used to be in good terms with Atom. Unfortunately, Hayden had never become close to Vicki’s children.

The future for Edward

Not surprisingly, Edward was present in the recent social and fundraising gathering organized by Vicki at her beauty clinic branch in Residences, Greenbelt. Some members of the entertainment press instantly cornered him to ask several questions. He was in his usual cordial self so he revealed so much.

Dating each other

Edward has finally confirmed that he and Vicki are currently dating. He disclosed that they are usually on a wholesome date as they go out for dinner. He even asserted that they often go out together with Vicki’s children and ex-husband. Edward said he frequently hangs out at Vicki’s residence to join her in family lunch, dinner, and other occasions.

And again, he is the guy who claims that he does not care much about the age of a woman. He revealed that it was in Vicki where he felt he really connected with someone. Edward said he and Vicki have a lot of things in common. On top of the list would be their common interest in reading books.

Good terms with family

Edward recalled that he has known Vicki and her family for more than 10 years now. That was when he came to the Philippines for good from the US, where he practically grew up. According to him, he first met Vicki when he consulted with the clinic to treat his breakouts, which could have been caused by the drastic change in environment.

What else could be romantic about them? Well, Edward said he and Vicki have already realized that they are strongly connected with each other. Edward even thinks that he and Vicki could have been lovers in their past life. Edward is currently busy writing his own fitness book that could be released soon. He is also busy doing occasional TV and movie work.

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Model Edward Mendez Admits Dating Dra. Vicki Belo

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