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Luis Manzano Keeps Mum About Breakup With Jennylyn Mercado

Luis Manzano, who was recently hailed as the Best Game Show Host at the 27th Star Awards for TV, doesn't want to talk about his ex Jennylyn Mercado anymore.

Whatever he will say about the breakup, people are bound to misconstrue it. The TV host added that it's a "damn if you do, damn if you don't" industry.

"It’s a very funny industry. Pag nagsalita ako, kahit anong sabihin ko, meron at merong magsasalita."

He would rather keep silent about the issue with Jennylyn. In the showbiz industry, even if you say something nice about someone, people are bound to misunderstand you and find fault in what you said, Luis explained.

This doesn't bother him that much though, the TV host said, adding that he just wants to keep away from the issues and hassles of the industry.

He doesn't get hurt, he said. He has already accepted that about the industry he has been a part of ever since his mother, Star For All Seasons Vilma Santos, gave birth to him.

"If you wanna live in this life hassle-free, stress-free, di ba, why give them that power or advantage over you?"

Jennylyn already said they haven't talked at all after the breakup. Luis said only time will tell before he would know if they can be friends again. He is hopeful that they can be at least friends again in the future.

A number of netizens have been saying that their relationship was almost built to last. They feel bad that Luis and Jennylyn broke up.

To his, Luis sent his gratitude. He sees people on Twitter and Instagram expressing their disappointment over their decision to break up.

"Gaya ng sinabi ko, I think things happen for a reason. I guess, it’s really not meant to be."

It has been quite a time before Luis found another love after his breakup with another Kapamilya actress, Angel Locsin. This time, Luis said his lovelife would need to take a backseat first. He will first enjoy what he has now and focus on his career.

Is Luis thinking about settling down already? Just earlier, the TV host related that a friend of his texted him and asked him if he's not sad that he's not married yet. He is 32 years old.

Luis said: "My next one would be the last one."

As for this coming Christmas, Luis will definitely spend it with his family although he might also take a few days off to be outside the country.

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Luis Manzano Keeps Mum About Breakup With Jennylyn Mercado

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