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Jenny Miller Still Hopes The Best For Friend Claudine Barretto

Character actress Jenny Miller has been friends with embattled actress Claudine Barretto until something happened between them last year that cut off ties linking them to each other.

Jenny didn't want to reveal what happened to them, only admitting she has no communication with Claudine now. They have been friends for 10 years ever since they starred together in "Marina."

The actress, now a part of "Pyra: Ang Babaeng Apoy," was one of the bridesmaids of Claudine's and Raymart Santiago's wedding in 2006 at the Tagaytay Highlands. The ex-couple was then one of the principal sponsors when Jenny married businessman Cupid Feril in San Juan back in 2010.

Jenny also happens to be a godparent to Sabina and Santino--Claudine's children.

In an earlier interview, she said she wasn't shocked about what happened with Claudine and Raymart anymore.

The last time the actress saw Claudine was in July last year, way before the controversy between her, Raymart and Gretchen and Marjorie.

Jenny said she is not the type of friend to impose her presence if it is not needed. She is also not the type of person who would regularly call or text her friends.

Besides, something happened to their friendship as well, but the actress refused to elaborate. "Nandito lang naman ako, alam naman nila yun."

Jenny only knew about what's happening to Claudine through their common friends. They don't even bump into each other in public places and showbiz events.

The actress clarified she has no hard feelings against Claudine. In fact, they were perfectly fine the last time they saw each other.

How about Claudine? Does she have any ill-feelings toward Jenny? She only hopes Claudine knows she is always there for her.

When the family squabble among the Barretto siblings started, Jenny distanced herself from the issue because she is also friends with Claudine's sisters and her nieces, especially Julia. She doesn't want to interfere into a family issue, she added.

Jenny also doesn't want to get involved when the Santiago family came into the picture. Claudine and Raymart had problems before, but the actress always hoped these problems can be solved and settled.

Of course, who would want something bad to happen to her friends? Jenny asked. As for her relationship with Raymart, the actress said they are still friends and were able to talk during one of the parties of their common friend.

They didn't discuss about Claudine though and just greeted each other and joked about the issues.

Since they have been friends for 10 years, how does Jenny sees Claudine as a person? She said Claudine is actually a kind-hearted person, and she couldn't say anything bad about her.

Inday, the Barretto matriarch, has already admitted Claudine has a bipolar disorder. Jenny said her mood swings can be rough, so she has to understand her as a friend. She did so for 10 years.

She clarified she was not tired of being a friend to Claudine, but she has other priorities now that she's married. She cannot be at Claudine's beck and call since she has to take into account what her husband would think.

"Pero ako, mahal ko siya. Sana alam niya yun. At sana, malagpasan niya ang lahat ng pinagdadaanan niya ngayon."

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Jenny Miller Still Hopes The Best For Friend Claudine Barretto

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