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Sam Milby Commends Ex Anne Curtis For Admitting Her Fault In Slapping Incident

Although actor-singer Sam Milby didn't want to comment about Anne Curtis' supposedly drunken behavior that caused her to slap John Lloyd Cruz and his other friends in an exclusive bar in Taguig City, he nonetheless commended the actress for admitting her fault in the incident and for apologizing to the aggrieved parties.

Sam said he only learned about the incident when he saw it in the newspapers. Nobody told him about what happened a week ago at the Prive Luxury Bar in Taguig City. He and Anne have been separated for more than five years, but that doesn't stop the press from asking each one for comments when something happens to the other.

What Sam knew about the incident is what he only read from the newspapers, so it isn't right for him to comment about what happened. Sam said any comment from him may be blown out of proportion by the press. "So, for me, it’s better not to be part of it at all. I’d rather not comment."

Since they have been together for years, how much does he know about Anne? Is she really capable of being physical and screaming at all those people that she can "buy" them? Sam doesn't want to share about what transpired between the two of them. He said that's something that belongs to him and Anne.

"I mean, whatever I experienced, whatever we experienced, that’s a long time ago naman. And sa amin yun. I’d rather not share."

He lamented that what happens when someone like Anne, with her status in showbiz, is involved in an issue like that, the people are quick to judge her supposed "true" character.

If he will give one advice to his former girlfriend, all Sam can say is for her to take it all in stride since it will pass and will be forgotten. But of course, Sam trusts Anne knows how to handle these things since she's been in the business longer than him.

And with the support of her friends and followers, Anne will surely bounce back from the incident. "And I admire her courage for admitting her fault din."

As an actor and someone who holds a certain image for being looked up by the public, Sam said he is always aware of how he's acting in public. However, he added artists are also human and they make mistakes.

Sam said this incident will not affect Anne's career since she did what she can do--which is to apologize.

Asked if he has ever been slapped by Anne when they were still together, Sam said it only happened in their teleserye. They are due to make a movie soon, but Sam said there is no reason for him to text or call Anne and ask how she is after what happened.

They are not close, although Sam admitted they are okay to work together.

"I saw lots of changes in the last years—in a good way. We both matured. She really matured and grown as a person."

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Sam Milby Commends Ex Anne Curtis For Admitting Her Fault In Slapping Incident

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