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Lauren Young Gets To Spend Time With Sister Megan This Holiday Season

Actress Lauren Young is quite excited to spend time with her sister, Miss World 2013 Megan Young, after the latter came home from China to spend the holidays in the Philippines.

Megan is slated to travel around the world and be present at the Miss World Organization's charity events. She was recently in Tacloban City to help those affected by Typhoon Yolanda there.

Lauren admitted it was such a big change for their family when Megan won the elusive blue crown because they don't get to spend as much time with her anymore. Megan is now based in London for a year. Reports said that even during the time the beauty queen is in the country, the Young family finds it hard to spend time with her.

Even Megan's rumored boyfriend, Mikael Daez, seemed to have given up on spending time with the beauty queen.

Lauren, however, maintained she's proud of her sister for what she accomplished. Megan, she said, has always been a good person but now, she can finally put her heart into actual deeds and actions through the Miss World Organization. Lauren cannot imagine doing the same thing as her sister--spending time with a lot of people she doesn't know personally and touching their lives and making them feel everything's going to be alright.

The young actress denied that her family feels distanced from Megan because of her duties. In fact, the organization allows them as a family to attend the events Megan is gracing. She said some people are not that lucky to be close to the beauty queen but since they are family, they can immediately have access to her.

Ever since Megan won the crown, the longest that Lauren didn't see her sister was about a month or two months. She admitted that their mother was afraid at first that she won't be able to see that much of Megan, but the organization assured them that they will be seeing more of the beauty queen than they expected.

Amid all these issues, Lauren said she's proud that her sister is able to accomplish a lot of things and that she can meet all the responsibilities and duties thrown her way. Megan, she said, doesn't even let her borrow a shirt before and now, she's Miss World already.

Through her work with the Miss World Organization, Lauren got to know more about her big sister. She personally saw how Megan tried to help those affected by the typhoon in Tacloban and in Cebu.

Lauren was quite irritated before that she was always referred to as Megan's little sister. For a while, that changed and she became her own self. However, people again call her Miss World's little sister now.

The actress laughed this off and said it was her being immature before that led her to be irritated. Now, she's proud that her big sister is the Miss World, and she's happy she gets to share the stage with Megan even as a "little sister."

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Lauren Young Gets To Spend Time With Sister Megan This Holiday Season

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