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Richard Yap Says "Be Careful With My Heart" The Movie Is Officially Scrapped

Richard Yap, the star of the hit noontime series "Be Careful With My Heart," confirmed that there will be no more movie version of the said show. He said it's hard for the writers and the artists to do a teleserye and a movie at the same time.

Maybe, if next year would also be a good year for the show, they can push for the movie. But that will have a different theme already, he added.

"Be Careful With My Heart" has celebrated its first year anniversary last August, but the ABS-CBN management is not in a rush to end the series, which has been garnering close to 20% in ratings. This is a big enough rating for something that airs during the day.

Richard admitted being saddened by the scrapping of the movie version, which was supposed to be an entry for the 2013 Metro Manila Film Festival.

Of course, the actor and endorser is still very much open to doing a movie although he clarified he is not in a rush to be part of one. Asked who he would like to be paired with, he mentioned his partner Jodi Sta. Maria, Dawn Zulueta and Anne Curtis.

Richard recently won as Best Drama Actor for his role in "Be Careful With My Heart." He won the award with Coco Martin, a veteran in terms of clinching awards. Richard wasn't there personally to accept the trophy from the PMPC Star Awards For TV, but he thanked the awards committee for recognizing his talents.

He cannot describe his feeling when he learned that he won, adding that the judges might have seen how the public responds to his and Jodi's loveteam. Richard said they were able to make them believe that Richard Lim and Maya Dela Rosa are truly in love, and that's probably why he won the award.

Because of this, he is more encouraged to try his hardest and do his best in the coming projects.

"Pero, like sinasabi ko nga before, I went into acting without any expectations, without any background. So, hindi ko talaga ine-expect yun."

Richard said he doesn't expect or even aim for an award since he's really just enjoying working before the camera. But of course, the actor expressed how happy he is to finally have something that will validate his acting skills.

Still, there are other detractors saying he doesn't deserve to get the award since there was nothing special in his role. Richard laughed this off and just accepted that he cannot please everybody.

He maintained that he cannot act out of his character as a rich and decent guy because that's exactly who Ser Chief is. "Hindi naman gano'n ang character ko, e. I’m just being in character. So, if they cannot accept it, they can watch another show."

Richard then laughed when asked about why his polos in the show never seemed to have creases or dirt. "Hahaha! Baka dahil d’yan nanalo ako?!"

Still, the actor-endorser is open and willing to learn something new, so he is prepared to accept whatever roles ABS-CBN will throw his way. There's no problem with him, especially if it's a good project, he added.

He attended an acting workshop with Direk Laurice Guillen, who praised him for underacting and not overacting.

Asked what his dream roles are, Richard said it would have to be something akin to a James Bond film or Richard Gere's role in "Pretty Woman."

He then answered certain issues about him, saying he asked for gifts before he gives an autograph or he posts on Twitter about the things he wants, so his fans will give that to him.

Richard said they can check his Twitter timeline, and he will be able to prove he hasn't posted about wanting something. He also denied he refused to give an autograph just because that particular fan hasn't given him anything.

In fact, when his fans ask him what he wants, he would usually tell them not to prepare anything and to just come to the show to watch the taping. Richard's name cropped up from a blind item posted on a blogger's website.

The website is apparently fashionpulis.com. "That guy has no credibility, and I'm saying this to his face. I won't waste my time on him, di ba? He is supposed to be an educated person. He is from La Salle and he is Chinese."

Richard is from La Salle as well, and from a Chinese family.

With what that blogger is doing, he is only bringing down the name of the school and his being a Chinese, the actor-endorser said.

"I've never met him and I don't intend to. He is not worth meeting." Richard, however, revealed he is ready to accept an apology but that people who bash other people only show who they really are.

Richard admitted he gets irritated by issues like this, adding that it's not worth his time to address the rumors thrown against him.

Whatever he has now he didn't get just from acting in showbiz, the actor-endorser-businessman said. "Hindi ako nagbra-brag. When I was in Kindergarten, may Rolex na ako. So, I don't have to ask from anyone. Kaya kong trabahuin lahat 'to."

The problem is, there is a culture of negativity in the Philippines. People like to bash other people, and those who follow this kind of thinking are also the same as the person they are following, he said.

It's quite okay for him to be in the center of a controversy if there's some truth to what is being told, but Richard asked bloggers and other forms of media to make sure what they are saying is true.

The actor also clarified some issues that say he is snotty to his fans. Sometimes, he asks them to just come back afterwards when they ask for an autograph while he is eating. Richard said his fans should also respect his space.

Also, there are times when he's really tired, so his smile is not that charming or open, causing some fans to say he's snobbish.

He doesn't feel at all that he's a superstar. "Hmm... wala naman sa akin 'yan. I'm still the same person I was. Kung gaano ako ka-transparent noon, ganoon pa rin ako."

"Kaya nga siguro I get into trouble with being so frank. Pero this is who I am, e."

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