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Gretchen Barretto Testifies Against Sister Claudine In Court

Gretchen Barretto testified against sister Claudine in court, adding that their father Mike threatened to kill her and her siblings if they went against their youngest sister.

The hearing happened on December 19 at the Marikina Regional Trial Court. This is in connection with the permanent protection order (PPO) that was filed by Claudine against her estranged husband Raymart Santiago.

Gretchen arrived with Raymart and her brother, JJ. The actress revealed she became emotional while testifying on court because she had to relive the "nightmare" all over again.

But she needed to do it, she added. When she's much better, Gretchen hopes Claudine can see the wisdom in what she had to do.

The actress said she really wants Claudine to be institutionalized. That has always been her prayer because it will be for her sister's well-being too. She wants Claudine to be safe, for the people around her and her kids to be safe, Gretchen said.

Also, the elder Barretto wished that Claudine can finally put to rest the cases she has filed against her. Right now, the actress faces nine cases.

Claudine has to attend hearings almost every day that Gretchen said it is not healthy anymore for her or for her children.

"I love her with all my heart. Dahil kung hindi ko siya mahal, wala ako rito, hindi ko ipaglalaban ito, yung tama."

Gretchen lamented the end of Claudine's marriage to Raymart. Back when they were still in good terms, Claudine would always tell her about how much she appreciated Raymart. The younger Barretto said Raymart was very patient with her during the time she was in rehab in 2011.

In fact, Gretchen said Claudine wrote her a letter wherein she was telling her sister about how much she is grateful for their patience because they took care of her. She also thanked the Barretto siblings for putting her in rehab.

"So, I’m hoping after ng lahat ng mga gulo na nangyayari, ma-realize niya na ang ginagawa talaga naming magkakapatid is to save her."

The Barretto siblings have a lot of love for each other, Gretchen said, adding that the love is still bigger than all the mess they are currently in right now.

The actress refused to give any details of Claudine's stint in rehab, only saying that she was in Channah rehab in Thailand. The rehabilitation center is a first-class center for celebrities, businessmen and people who want to keep their addiction in secret.

Gretchen said that what they were asking the court is to put Claudine back in rehab. She refused to give further details.

Claudine did not attend the hearing today, but Gretchen preferred if her sister can be there so she would know that she is only doing these things for her own good.

Meanwhile, Gretchen revealed that their father Mike threatened to kill her, JJ and Marjorie if they will testify against Claudine. Mike apparently called JJ and his son John to tell them that he will shoot anyone who will testify against the youngest Barretto.

When John told his grandfather that "Tita Gretchen" and "Tita Marj" will testify, Mike said "I will kill them."

Gretchen said she's doing this for everyone's good and she will continue to testify if that will put to an end Claudine's apparent addiction.

Asked for comments, their mother Inday said she will not make public her thoughts since Christmas is fast approaching.

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Gretchen Barretto Testifies Against Sister Claudine In Court

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