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Gretchen Barretto: My Dad Threatened To Kill Me, Joaquin And Marjorie [Video]

Gretchen Barretto let off a very serious allegation against her father on Thursday: she claims their dad has threatened to shoot her and two other siblings if they really testify against their sister Claudine in court.

According to Gretchen, their father Miguel has threatened her, Joaquin and Marjorie if they testify.

The allegation was made by Gretchen in an interview with members of the media before a hearing t the Marikina Regional Trial Court in connection to a case between her sister Claudine and her estranged husband Raymart Santiago.

According to reports, Gretchen supported Raymart’s claims during the closed-door hearing. Her brother Joaquin also testified, says reports which also add that their sister Marjorie did not testify on Thursday but she has plans to testify in court.

In the interview, Gretchen said that she is testifying fearing for her life. However, she said that she is doing this because it is for the truth.

She said that her father told her sibling Mito and nephew John that if JJ (Joaquin), Marjorie and Gretchen testify against Claudine, “babarilin daw niya kami.”

“At least nandito kayo. Pag may mangyari, alam ninyo,” she said, according to ABS-CBN News.

In the video below, when asked at a later time about the threat to her life coming from her own family members, she said, “No, [the threat is] from my dad. Sinabihan ng daddy ko ang kapatid kong lalake, pinakamatanda, at saka yung pamangkin ko na pag nag-testify daw si JJ, sabi niya babarilin niya.”

Furthermore, she recounted that when her nephew John reportedly told their dad that Marjorie and Gretchen will testify, “sabi niya (their dad), I will kill them.”

The whole Barretto family feud blew up in the recent past because of an Instagram fight between Gretchen, Marjorie and what they claim to be Claudine who was bashing Marjorie’s daughter Julia.

From this, the issue of Claudine trying to sabotage Julia’s career came forth.

Furthermore, the issue of Gretchen helping her family when they were in need also cropped up. One camp says Gretchen was selfless and sacrificed a lot. This was refuted by Inday Barretto who sided with her daughter Claudine. She said Gretchen was just out to get Claudine and that she really did not help the family that much. Their sister Gia also sided with Claudine.

Meanwhile, Marjorie and their brother Joaquin banded together to refute things said by their mother. Issues like who helped who and who is ungrateful to the other steadily streamed from the family.

Another controversy entered the mix when Claudine earlier this year revealed problems with her husband Raymart. She accused Raymart of physical, sexual, psychological and economic abuse.

Raymart, for his part, denied all of these accusations and even said that it was his wife who had issues with domestic violence against him. He also said that Claudine has a problem with substance abuse and her mental state.

Meanwhile, Miguel Barretto, who has sided with Claudine, has publicly told her children in the past who sided with Gretchen that they should not be using the Barretto name anymore.

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Gretchen Barretto: My Dad Threatened To Kill Me, Joaquin And Marjorie [Video]

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