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Claudine Barretto May Slap Sister Gretchen With New Libel Case

Claudine Barretto’s camp may be readying a new case against Gretchen Barretto.

A new libel case from Claudine against Gretchen looks like a done deal if one looks at the comments recently made by Claudine’s legal counsel.

In an interview with ABS-CBN, Atty. Ferdinand Topacio said that Gretchen should pay for what he says are libelous comments the actress has been making in the recent months.

“Ms. Gretchen Barretto has been saying so many things that are libelous. I think it's about time she's held to account,” he said before adding in Filipino that Gretchen should bear the consequences of her comments.

However, this move is not at all a surprise to the lawyer, as he himself recommended a libel suit against Gretchen to Claudine in the past. He says it was just the initiative of Claudine to not file a libel case against her sister because it may affect La Greta’s daughter.

Topacio said in Filipino that she recommended a libel suit to Claudine the first instance Gretchen spoke to the media.

However, according to the lawyer, “Ang sabi ni Ms. Claudine Barretto sa akin, huwag daw sapagkat si Ms. Gretchen Barretto raw ay nasa London kasama ang kanyang anak na si Dominique. Baka daw ma-distract 'yung pag-aaral ni Dominique dahil may kaso ang kanyang ina.”

On the other hand, Claudine’s legal counsel thinks enough is enough and that Gretchen should be thought a lesson.

“[Now] I think it's about time that she's held to account. Dahil baka akala ni Ms. Gretchen Barretto na she's above the law because of her stature, because of her so-called sponsor,” Topacio told Marie Lozano of ABS-CBN News.

Gretchen is in a long-time relationship with the wealthy Antonio “Tonyboy” Cojuangco who is the father of Dominique. Antonio also holds considerable clout with the country’s politicians and elite as he is from the Cojuanco clan which the current president Benigno Aquino III and numerous other wealthy individuals like Eduardo Cojuangco are part.

Topacio said that if Gretchen thinks she is above the law without any consequence however she may act, “we will show her that it is otherwise.”

One recent bombshell from Gretchen was the accusation that their dad threatened to kill her, her sister Marjorie and brother Joaquin if they testify against their sister Claudine.

Gretchen and Joaquin testified in a case between Claudine and estranged husband Raymart Santiago on Thursday. Claudine and Raymart have accused each other of abuse and are fighting for custody of their children.

In interviews before and after her testimony at a Marikina court, Gretchen said that it has been relayed to her that their father said he would shoot and kill her, Marjorie and JJ if they testify against Claudine in the Santiago-Barretto case.

Topacio answered these allegations in his interview with ABS-CBN News saying, “There are no such threats. If she believes there are threats, she has her remedies.”

The lawyer reminded Gretchen that she has her own legal counsel team with lawyers who are really capable at their jobs.

“Why does she not take the corresponding legal measures to protect herself, and to prosecute those na naggawa ng threat? Madaling magsabing may threat, but to substantiate it is another matter,” the lawyer added.

Meanwhile, as for Gretchen testifying against Claudine on Thursday, Topacio said that his client was really bothered by the development.

“She's really hurt that she was not given the chance to confront the witness against her. They are her own flesh and blood eh, so talagang masakit,” he said, adding that it’s a different beast to confront people who you once were close to.

Even the Barretto family matriarch is bothered by her sons Gretchen and JJ testifying against their sister Claudine. Topacio said that Inday Barretto was crying before he went out to do the ABS-CBN interview.

As for Miguel Barretto, Topacio told the news outlet that he will be making a statement to answer Gretchen’s allegation next week when he returns from his trip to Subic.

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Claudine Barretto May Slap Sister Gretchen With New Libel Case

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