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Kathryn Bernardo Thanks Daniel Padilla For Fending Off Her Bashers

Kathryn Bernardo admitted she was touched when on-screen partner Daniel Padilla defended her from bashers and haters on the social networking site Twitter.

Bernardo's mother, Min Bernardo, answered one of her daughter's basher on Twitter.

She told the basher it's okay if he/she will attack her as long as it's not her daughter.

Bernardo's mother also asked the public to respect the young actress.

Bernardo, however, said she learned to live with such reactions from haters.

But she maintained how touch she was when Padilla defended her.

The young actor, who came from the Padilla showbiz clan, fended off haters and bashers of Bernardo and his mother, actress Karla Estrada.

He dared the bashers to tell those hurtful statements in person.

Bernardo admitted she is also affected by such statements, but she is choosing to just focus on her work.

“Ngayon pag mas pinansin mo sila, mas gusto nila yun, e. So, bakit kailangan ko silang pansinin?"

She intends to focus on her supporters, Bernardo said.

She is saddened, however, with the fact that even her mother was dragged into the mess.

“Parang respeto na lang din sa mom ko huwag na nilang idamay.”

Bernardo then shared that she managed to balance her career and her studies.

She is racing to finish high school this year, so she can start college at the DLSU-CSB.

She wants to take up advertising. But since her work takes most of her time, she is also considering entering the School of Fashion and Arts or SOFA.

Bernardo also told PEP.PH about her post-birthday celebration, where she chose 10 fans from each group to be a part of the exclusive party.

She turned 17 last March 26.

The party was held at her grandfather's house in Cainta, Rizal on April 5.

But before that, Bernardo also had another celebration in Subic with her friends, including Padilla and his bandmates.

Miles Ocampo was also there.

They stayed in Subic from March 25 to 27.

The first day, they just bonded together. On the second day, they rode a yacht that toured them for about three hours. Later, they went back to the house they have been staying in.

They were there until 6am the next day.

She apologized to her fans who were not given invitations to the April 5 party. Bernardo hoped there will be another one to accommodate all her fans.

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Kathryn Bernardo Thanks Daniel Padilla For Fending Off Her Bashers

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