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Nikki Gil Wants To Focus On Herself First In 2014

For the next year, actress Nikki Gil plans to focus first on herself and her dreams, so she can finally be ready to enter in a new relationship by 2015.

Nikki said she never really had the time to be single and enjoy that life because she was so busy with work and school before. After she finished college, she got into a relationship with Billy Crawford that lasted for almost five years.

The two broke up this year amid rumors that Billy has been having affairs behind Nikki's back. Although the actress never confirmed these news, she did hint that the singer-TV host has been fooling around for the most time in their relationship.

Nikki said she wants to enjoy her single life and then be ready for a relationship come 2015.

Also, the actress-TV host plans to stay abroad for maybe two months and study acting or another one of her crafts. It would probably be in New York or London, she added.

"If you've always been longing for growth—room for growth and meron kang constructive discontent, alam mo yun? You’ll never really be content with what you are and you keep aiming higher."

She said honing one's skills is important since it is the "key to longevity."

Meanwhile, Nikki admitted breaking up with Billy is the hardest thing she has to go through this past year. She already moved on from it, she added, and is starting to forgive her ex-boyfriend.

However, forgiveness does not mean she can be friends with Billy. A lot of people has been wondering why the actress-TV host did not seem affected by the breakup.

Nikki said: "Siyempre, tao lang din naman ako, but as to… what for, bakit ko ipapakita? Siyempre, ang ipakita mo yung okay ka na."

She is only human, Nikki said, and she had her moments of weakness. But why would she want to public to see her that way? she asked.

Nikki wants to be an inspiration to others--to those also going through the same thing like her.

She kept the questions and doubts to herself, she said, adding it is only her family who saw how affected she really is because of what happened.

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Nikki Gil Wants To Focus On Herself First In 2014

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