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Sharon Cuneta Wants To Stop Using Social Networking Sites

Megastar Sharon Cuneta plans to stop using social media altogether because of her bashers and haters on social networking site, Twitter. The actress-TV host lamented how society changed from before.

She even reminded the public of how she made them and even maybe their parents happy before with her movies and television shows. She said she always respected people, even those she worked with before and now.

Sharon is seemingly not happy that a lot of Twitter users have been lambasting her and her posts. She said that back then, when a person has an issue with another, they talk face to face and not behind each other's back.

Sharon said she worked in the industry for 36 years, and has earned the respect of her colleagues, so it saddens her that she is being treated so lowly now. Also, the Megastar worked hard to prove that she wasn't just some "poor little rich girl," which the media tagged her before.

She was loved, respected and appreciated before, Sharon said. "So it is hard for me to accept that on Twitter, no matter how good you are to your followers, no matter how you go out of your way to make people happy, there will always be some who will show you disrespect, kahit nananahimik ka..."

Sharon lamented that the public is so quick to judge, and that they will start something even if she was just exercising her right to defend herself. Besides, the actress said she doesn't need to prove that she is a good human being to anyone.

Even when she was little, Sharon stated she knew how to respect other people and their opinions.

The Megastar has received criticisms because of her posts on Twitter, the last one was about a house guest who lurked around her personal things. "How easily they forget that I have given about 1/3 of my whole life to this most ungrateful business."

Sharon hopes the public can remember how much she has given to the industry she loved, how she raised her daughter KC, and how good of a parent and a daughter she is.

"And how much I loved my public. Maybe they'll even remember how very much they loved me."

Sharon feels she doesn't deserve the obscene and painful words she has been receiving from the public lately, especially since she built her career without social networking sites.

In the end, the Megastar chose to stop using Twitter for now to go back to " living my happy life with those who truly love me and who deserve my love."

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Sharon Cuneta Wants To Stop Using Social Networking Sites

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