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Katrina Halili Reveals Financial Struggles

Kapuso actress Katrina Halili admitted she faced some financial struggles in the past, especially last year when she had to stop working because she was pregnant.

The actress said her struggles were doubled because she invested in a diving resort in Palawan. The cost of the diving resort amounted to P5 to P6 million. The resort is managed by Katrina's sibling.

Katrina said she didn't think about her monthly bills and that's why she struggled financially after the establishment of the resort. Luckily, she was able to strike a deal with GMA-7 that she gets her monthly salary.

Since Katrina renews her contract with GMA yearly, she can only gets her salary at the end of the year. This time, she talked with the management and arranged for her to get something every month.

She also admitted to applying for loans and borrowing money before. But now, Katrina said all her debts have been settled already.

Her diving resort currently has four rooms, and is operational already. Katrina, however, said she still plans to add to the business, so that it will be more profitable.

But the actress said she wants to take a break first from the diving resort. "Sabi ko, ‘Sandali lang, pakitain muna natin, tapos pahinga muna ako, relax lang, chill. Chill muna tayo.’"

She has no regrets though since it's an investment that will bear fruit in the end. Besides, that lot was theirs to begin with, so she doesn't have to pay a rental fee or what not.

Katrina also enumerated the number of bills she has monthly. She pays P130,000 for her house in New Manila, P150,000 for her loans and other expenses.

The important thing is, Katrina was able to survive all of those. "Okay naman na po ako, kasi hindi naman kami lugi, kasi sa amin naman yun. Walang rent."

If and when she stops working as an actress already, she can atleast have a backup when it comes to her finances because of the resort.

As for their house in the city's town (Katrina's family is from Palawan), they converted that into an inn with 11 rooms. When they don't have customers, they sleep in the rooms. But if there are customers, they transfer to the farm, Katrina shared.

There are many blessings for Katrina these past years, she said, adding that the most important is her daughter with singer Kris Lawrence. They named her Katrence or Katie.

She also has a new contract with GMA-7. In fact, that contract was offered to her before she became pregnant. When she found out about the pregnancy, she informed GMA-7 that she cannot sign the contract anymore.

The management thought she was transferring stations already. But when Katrina explained to them her situation, they just asked if she's happy with the pregnancy. She was surprised they insisted on her staying with the network.

She reached an agreement with the network that while she isn't working, her contract will stop. Once she resumed work, it will run again.

"Tapos, tuwang-tuwa ako, kasi parang sabi ko, naging blessing. Siguro dahil tinanggap ko na okay lang kahit mawala na lahat, nandiyan naman ang baby ko, may baby naman ako."

She started working again on January 7 last year.

Katrina believes the Lord will not give her any problem she cannot surpass. She has been through a lot, she said, and if there's one thing she learned, it is to just trust that He has something good in store for everyone.

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Katrina Halili Reveals Financial Struggles

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