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Geoff Eigenmann Admits Insecurity With Carla Abellana Before

Geoff Eigenmann revealed he became insecure before when he gained weight and was not working. This was while his girlfriend, Carla Abellana, was enjoying the success of "My Husband's Lover."

He said that he got hurt as well by all the bashers on social media. He checks Carla's Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and saw that some people are saying she looks better with Tom Rodriguez.

"People say shit. Kung anu-anong sinasabi nila. At first, merong insecurity. I guess it pushed me to work out."

But this eventually died down since he knows Carla will always be there for him. Even before they became a couple, they already understand that they will be paired with other people and they might need to kiss other actors as well.

At the end of the day, Geoff said that what's important is that they both love each other. "Masarap, kasi she has always been there for me. Never siya nawala even in my biggest and heaviest days."

When he was suspended, the actor said he didn't shave for four months and he had a very long hair as well. "She hated how I looked, but she was still there for me. And I am very happy."

And because he wasn't working before, Geoff said he realized how much his savings was depleted. That's why when Carla asks him to go to dinner or watch a movie, the actor would sometimes refuse. Instead, he will just visit Carla at her house when she has no taping.

But Geoff said this has never been a problem for them. When one of them has no work, the other one shoulders the expenses. That's how they are as a couple.

"It wasn’t a problem for her. Kasi we’re very supportive of each other."

When Geoff finally decided to lose weight, Carla was still there for him to help him. He spends all day in the gym to train for mixed martial arts.

He said Carla was "the force" that pushed him to finally take seriously the "fat memo" given to him by GMA-7. During that time, Geoff had to lessen the time he will visit Carla because the latter told him to go to the gym first.

Carla was able to sacrifice the time they should spend together, Geoff said, and it wasn't a problem for her.

Meanwhile, since they have been together for three years, are they ready to settle down already? Geoff said that's definitely where they are headed and they have already talked about it.

There are no concrete plans though. Besides, his brother AJ and Carla's sister are also getting married this year. According to Pinoy beliefs, there should be no two weddings in a year in a family.

"We’re not getting any younger. Dun lang pupuntahan namin, e. Nothing right now can destroy us."

They have gone through a lot of things, but they are still together right now.

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Geoff Eigenmann Admits Insecurity With Carla Abellana Before

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