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Luis Manzano Tells "I Love You" To Angel Locsin

Award-winning actress Angel Locsin revealed that her ex-boyfriend Luis Manzano already told her "I love you." Angel said she cannot explain why she is feeling that way now, adding that she only knows she loves Luis and wants to be with him again.

Angel and Luis broke up more than a couple of years ago. For years, the actress and TV host avoided each other as they became involved with different persons. However, Luis visited Angel's family and friends last New year and the rest, as they say, is history.

Since then, the two met a couple of times and talked about their feelings for each other. Angel said when she saw Luis again after more than two years, it's like they never separated. She felt instantly that she's still in love with him.

Angel broke up with Azkals team captain Phil Younghusband while Luis also separated from Jennylyn Mercado last year.

Because they broke up with their respective partners almost simultaneously, a lot of people have been asking if they rekindled their romance while still involved with Phil and Jennylyn.

Angel said she expects these kinds of thinking, but denied that they cheated on their previous partners. She doesn't have a history of cheating on her boyfriends, and a lot of people can attest that they both avoided each other for three years.

Her breakup with Phil is a mutual decision, Angel added, and Luis had nothing to do with it.

She also sent a message to Jennylyn, who she said she isn't close to. If Jennylyn is watching the show ("Buzz Ng Bayan"), she told her that she has nothing to do with their breakup. If Jennylyn was offended, Angel extended her apology.

The first time they saw each other again, Angel said she even kidded Luis because the TV host was wearing long sleeves, pants and leather shoes. She asked him "san ang dalaw?"

She cannot exactly explain how she felt when she first saw him again. Although they didn't say to each other how they felt, Angel said she knew how the TV host felt.

"Alam ko siya, kasi nararamdaman ko." The reason why she was teary-eyed when she finally revealed to the press how she felt about Luis was because she never told anyone about how she felt. She always has a wall when being interviewed, and this is the first time she was honest about how she was feeling about Luis.

Luis was even surprised to hear her admission of love. He didn't even know how Angel was feeling, the actress added.

Why was it easy for Angel to admit she loves Luis? "Siguro sa lahat ng pinagdaanan namin noon. Nakita ko rin na nag-mature siya. And nakita ko na nagbago rin siya for the better, kaya ewan ko."

Angel, however, said she and Luis are not an item again yet. The TV host is due to talk to Angel's father about the two of them. The actress maintained she didn't want to hide her true feelings.

"May mga bagay lang na inaayos kami. As of now, we’re happy at nag-e-enjoy kami sa isa’t isa."

She is hoping that their talks will clarify a lot of things because they weren't able to speak about their issues before.

Meanwhile, Angel was asked whether or not she believes the line she delivered on "The Legal Wife," wherein she said that Jericho Rosales' character promised her she's the only one for him.

Does she still believe in promises? The actress nodded, but admitted it's hard to forgive people who cheated on her. She shared that a former boyfriend had an affair behind her back, so she immediately broke up with him.

"Kasi ang pagmamahal, ako, kung mahal mo talaga ang tao, siya lang."

Angel refused to identify, however, who that person was. The actress said she may be wrong in letting go of that person. Maybe the right move was for her to fight for that person.

"Kasi ang pagmamahal, dapat pinaglalaban mo kung mahal na mahal mo ang tao. Siguro ayaw mo lang ng gulo or ayaw mong mapahiya yung taong mahal mo. More than dun sa babae, e."

When this happened to her, she didn’t lay blame on the third party. The person who should protect the relationship is his/her partner because he/she is the one with the commitment to him/her. Angel said.

One of the things she liked about Luis is that the TV host is always reaching out to her father. Even when they were broken up, Angel said Luis still keeps in contact with her father.

It is important for the award-winning actress that her partner will reach out to her family because she wants her family to be a part of her relationship. All she can say though is that she's very lucky because her family always supports her decision.

As for whether or now Luis' mother, Batangas Governor Vilma Santos-Recto, likes her for her son, Angel can only say she hopes so.

Boy Abunda, the interviewer, said though that Vilma has always been vocal about liking Angel for her son.

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Luis Manzano Tells

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