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GMA-7 Afternoon Soap Incurs Backlash From Several Call Center Agents

Some call center agents are now turning to social media sites and comments sections of entertainment Websites to express their repulsive reactions against a controversial dialogue aired over a GMA-7 afternoon soap. Involved in this controversy is the recently launched drama series ‘The Borrowed Wife.’

The affected call center agents claim that they were insulted during one particular scene in the series. They think that a controversial dialogue not just insulted call center agents in general but also maligned the industry, which has been contributing greatly to the national economy.

Those call center agents say that they are reaching entertainment blogs to express their ‘shock and indignation’ towards the show, its producers, and its writers.

Pilot episode

At the center of this budding controversy is the pilot episode of the show. The call center agents are reacting to one particular dialogue that ran like this: “Hindi ako nag-aaral para sumagot lang ng telepono!” During the flow of the conversation within that same scene, another dialogue added more fuel: “Pang walang pinag-aralan lang ‘yan.”

In most of their letters open to the public, the offended call center agents condemned the dialogues as a kind of mockery. They have accused the show’s writers of not having enough knowledge about the industry and about the job that they have supposedly tried to malign.

Most of them claim to have degrees, contrary to what they say was insinuated that call center agents don’t need to finish college just to land in their jobs. They even related how hard and challenging it is to work during graveyard shifts and to be repeatedly insulted and scolded by angry customers over the phone.

The call center agents accuse the writers of not doing enough research before putting up their scripts. They also challenge those writers to try working in a call center to understand what it is really about.

Writer responds

In a well-read entertainment blog, a supposed writer of the show tried to air her comments and reactions about this budding brouhaha. Karen Lustica clarified that the dialogues were not intended to offend or malign call center agents and their industry in general.

She said the dialogue was just part of a character’s frustration. She also encouraged the bashers to watch the show to better understand where the characters are coming from. She assured that there would be an eventual evolution of the characters as the plot thickens.

At the end of her message, Karen clarified that she has several true friends who are working as call center agents. She reiterated that more than anyone else, those friends could tell that she does not hate call centers and the BPO industry as a whole.

‘The Borrowed Wife’ stars Camille Pratts, Pauleen Luna, TJ Trinidad, and Rafael Rosell. It airs on GMA-7’s Afternoon Primetime block. It was not stated which of the characters in the series uttered the controversial dialogue.

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GMA-7 Afternoon Soap Incurs Backlash from Several Call Center Agents

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