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Vhong Navarro Airs His Side On Alleged Attempted Rape Case

"It's Showtime" co-host Vhong Navarro named the girl who accused him of attempting to rape her. The girl was 22-year-old student "Deniece Cornejo" who Vhong met two years ago.

Vhong gave an exclusive interview to the "Buzz Ng Bayan's" Boy Abunda.

They met again on January 17 (Friday). Vhong brought a white wine with him because that's the only alcoholic drink she drinks.

That night, the girl fetched him from the lobby of the condominium because security was tight then. They kissed and made out that night, but did not have sexual intercourse.

He went home that night, but the girl texted him "bad boy ka." Vhong didn't know if it was because he didn't have sex with the girl or if there's any other reason. He only texted back, "bawi ako."

The next day, January 18 (Saturday), the girl texted Vhong sweet nothings. She was even calling him "Sweetie." She told Vhong if he wants to go to the unit again, so she can cook for him.

Vhong declined because he was confused already with the girl's actions. They decided to meet again on January 22 (Wednesday), the night of the incident. Here's a video:

When Vhong arrived in the condominium building, he told the girl that he was already in the lobby. He thought the girl will fetch him again from the lobby, but the girl said he can already proceed upstairs.

The elevator was taking too long, so when he got to the right floor, the girl was already there near the elevator. She asked Vhong why was he there.

The TV host then said the elevator was taking too long. When they were about to enter the room, Deniece told him that he shocked her and she hasn't fixed the place yet.

Vhong told her she knows he's going there. Once he entered the room, the girl told her she will leave him alone because she has to fix some things.

The TV host dropped the food he bought on the table. When he looked up, he saw someone holding a gun to his head already. He named the man "Cedric Lee."

The man apparently introduced himself to Vhong. The next man, Mike, tied his legs and his hands. They pushed him on the floor and continuously punched and kicked him. Other men followed suit and continued to physically hurt him.

They then dragged him from the sofa to the table and yanked his pants off. There, they proceeded to do bad things to him and then forced him to say that he raped his friend, Deniece.

Vhong said all these things while the men were taping him. Afterwards, "Mike" told him that they are going to bring him to the police station and that they will file a blotter against him.

They also agreed that Vhong will pay them P200,000 to P500,000. When they were in the car proceeding to the police station already, "Cedric" told him to raise the money to P1 million. Vhong just said yes.

When they arrived in the police station, Deniece was already there and presenting her version of the incident. Vhong just signed the blotter report.

The men then told him to raise the money to P2 million, but Vhong told him he doesn't have that kind of money anymore.

"Mike" then told him that they will just drop him off in the condominium building, so he can drive home. He said they will leave a bank account number to him, so he can deposit the money the next day.

Vhong just said "yes." He told Boy, "wala ka masasabi kundi opo. Takot na takot ako. Ayoko mangyari ulit ito sa iba."

He maintained that he is not a rapist. When the incident was happening, all he can think of was getting back to his children, who he wished to see again.

He also apologized to his non-showbiz girlfriend, Tanya, for being there for him despite of what happened. Vhong feels blessed that Tanya forgave him and didn't think of herself and what she was supposed to feel.

"Hindi po ako rapist, Tito Boy. Hindi po ako rapist."

He doesn't mind anymore if the video will come out in the future. Vhong just wants to raise the awareness of people that these things can happen. If it can happen to someone like him, then it can also happen to any ordinary Filipino.

Asked what was Deniece's reaction when they saw each other in the police station, Vhong shared that she said, "sorry, Vhong."

He explained that the video will contain a footage of him without his pants and the men doing all sort of things to him, including to his private parts. Vhong said of the video, "kanila na yun. Bahala na sila."

Even if he pays the money, he is not sure the men will keep their promise of not releasing the video.

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Vhong Navarro Airs His Side On Alleged Attempted Rape Case

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