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Andi Eigenmann Will Allow Daughter Ellie To Meet Albie Casino

In the future, if Albie Casino, the rumored father of Andi Eigenmann's baby Ellie, would want to see her, the actress said she will allow it and won't stand in the way.

There is a condition though: only Albie will be allowed to see Ellie, and not his parents. It can be remembered that Albie's mother said some bad things against Andi when she was still pregnant with Ellie. She also denied that Albie is the father of Andi's baby.

Andi reacted also to the news that Albie doesn't want his name being dragged to that of the actress'. She said it's alright for her that Albie doesn't want to be associated with her, but he also doesn't have to pretend that he's a better person that her.

The "Galema" actress said it's within Albie's rights to say that he doesn't want to be linked with her anymore. "Wag na niyang i-try na palabasin na mas mabuti siyang tao dahil sa ginawa niya at hindi siya masamang tao dahil sa desisyon niya."

Afterwards, Andi's comments turned to Rina Casino, Albie's mother. She expressed that she doesn't want to be that kind of a mother to Ellie. She also alleged that Rina was the one who taught Albie to be that way.

Andi worries, however, when the time comes that Ellie would ask for her father already. If it is for Ellie's sake, the actress said she's ready to let her meet Albie; but not his parents.

Jaclyn Jose, Andi's mother, would surely not like the idea of Ellie meeting Albie. Andi said though that she's still the mother and she will decide what's best for Ellie.

"I don't even want to tell Ellie na his father is... I want naman to be able to say that your father is here but... that he loves you. E, paano yun?"

When it comes to Albie's parents, Andi was very adamant in saying that she has already forgotten that they exist. "I have the most amazing daughter in the world, I have a successful career, I don't need them."

If there's one thing she can thank Albie for, it is that he was the one who forced her to be healthier and lose weight. She said Albie is a "health buff."

But that's nothing if he has nothing in his brain, Andi added.

Asked if she talks about Andi with current boyfriend Jake Ejercito, the actress answered in the negative. She said Albie is such an irrelevant person that there is no place for him in her current relationship.

Andi became pregnant with Ellie three years ago. At first, she didn't want to name who the father was but eventually, reports pointed out that Albie is Ellie's father.

That time, Andi was reportedly involved with Jake already. They broke up a year after that ordeal, and got back together earlier this year.

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Andi Eigenmann Will Allow Daughter Ellie To Meet Albie Casino

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