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Does Kat Alano Know Something About The Vhong Navarro Case That We Don’t Know?

Given that the attempted rape allegedly perpetrated by Vhong Navarro is the hot topic in the news, it’s understandable that people want to weigh in.

A lot of people have been airing their side on the issue but one celebrity’s tweets have gotten our attention because they hint at something deeper.

That celebrity is Kat Alano and she has let off a series of posts on Twitter which are controversial to say the least. Maybe she even knows more about the current issue than she’s revealing.

On January 25, right when the Vhong Navarro – Deniece Millinette Cornejo – Cedric Lee scandal was going viral, Alano said through twitter: “Why is it people are so quick to defend rapists and demonize the victims? Open your eyes people.”

Certainly pertinent but not that controversial. One can conclude if basing from this tweet alone that maybe Alano was saying that we should not be too quick to absolve someone and wait for the right processes to shed light on the issue.

However, as the days passed, her account @katalano published tweet after tweet that, when taken as a whole, leads one to raise an eyebrow at the least.

On January 27, she asked people whether they trust their friends and then proceeded to asked what they would do if one of their friends confessed to being a victim of rape. “Would you doubt her? Or would you kick that SOBs ass?” she said.

In another tweet, saying “We will prevail,” she was encouraging someone to be brave and strong because “we are beside you”.

She then proceeded to publish the following tweets in the course of a couple of days. Some of these are in reaction to tweets directed to her.

As the last tweet directly asked Alano, one interpretation is that she is also a victim of rape and maybe by the same person in the center of this controversy at the moment.

However, we won’t draw conclusions here at PinoyStop and will let you decide. One thing is for sure, we are very curious about these tweets.

For those who are unaware for the issue at hand, Vhong Navarro was reported to have been mauled, threatened and extorted money from by a group of men inside a condominium unit at the Bonifacio Global City last week.

The actor and TV host’s camp said that Navarro was invited to that condominium by a lady friend. Allegedly, the group tried to extort money worth up to P2 million from Navarro.

The people who supposedly did this include a certain Deniece Milinette Cornejo and a certain Cedric Lee.

Cornejo and Lee, for their part, allege that Navarro is the person in the wrong in all of this as he reportedly tried to rape Cornejo. Lee is said to have come in the nick of time to discover Navarro on top of Cornejo and forcing her to do his bidding. This was when the businessman and his friends are said to have performed a citizen’s arrest.

The NBI has already filed a case against Cornejo, Lee and a few others while their camp are also set to defend themselves and maybe also file cases against Navarro.

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Does Kat Alano Know Something About The Vhong Navarro Case That We Don’t Know?

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