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Vhong Navarro And Deniece Cornejo Have Sexual Encounter

"It's Showtime" host Vhong Navarro revealed that he and model Deniece Cornejo, who is accusing him of rape, had a sexual encounter when they first met on January 17.

That was four days prior to the January 22 incident wherein Deniece invited Vhong to her condo unit again only to be attacked and mauled by Deniece's alleged boyfriend, Cedric Lee, and his cohorts.

Vhong has since then filed six different cases against Deniece, Cedric, Bernice Lee (Cedric's sister) and five others.

As for Deniece, she filed a case of rape against the TV host because he apparently forced himself on her.

In his affidavit, Vhong said he first met Deniece in a shoe shop two years ago. He asked for Deniece's number and they exchanged texts.

They rekindled their communication in November 2013 through Facebook and Viber. On January 17, they met again and after some drinks, they made out and Deniece performed oral sex on Vhong.

They didn't have sexual intercourse then but after he left, Deniece texted Vhong: "bad boy ka."

Vhong replied: "i'm sorry, bawi ako next time."

The TV host said he made a move on Deniece because she also showed a motive. In a separate interview, however, Deniece said Vhong asked through a salesman for her phone number. She said it was Zanjoe Marudo who first made a move on her.

Vhong detailed in his affidavit what happened on January 22.

He received a text from Deniece asking him to go to her condo again. Vhong agreed and even brought food for her. She said he can already ride the elevator to the second floor of the building since the guards already know he will be arriving.

When Vhong arrived, Deniece acted surprise that he was there. She left him for a while and then suddenly, two guys went out of Deniece's room and pointed a gun to Vhong's head.

They pushed him on the floor, threatened him, gagged and blindfolded him before beating him up.

Several more men arrived and they dragged Vhong from the floor and on the table where they took off his shorts and underwear.

They took his video wherein they asked Vhong to confess to raping Deniece. They then proceeded to do horrible things to his sex organ, but Vhong did not give any more details about this.

Deniece's affidavit, on the other hand, differed from that of Vhong's. According to the stylist-model, the TV host told her that he will be dropping off food for her.

When he arrived, she welcomed him inside her unit and went to the kitchen to prepare some drinks. Vhong followed and stroked her hair.

At this point, Deniece already told the TV host that she cannot do what he wants her to do. Vhong then pulled her by the hair and dragged her to the sofa.

Deniece was apparently able to run to her room to call for help but Vhong followed and forced her on the bed. He took off his pants and underwear, as well as that of Deniece's.

Vhong apparently forced Deniece's face on his private parts and then attempted to insert his penis into her vagina.

Fortunately, Deniece said her friends arrived and rescued her from Vhong.

She was crying that time and was "hysterical" already, Deniece said, so she proceeded to the pool area with a friend to calm down. She then went back to her condo and told her friends to bring Vhong to the precinct.

When they were already there, Vhong begged Deniece not to file a case against him anymore because his showbiz career will be ruined. He also offered to pay P200,000 for damages.

He raised this to P500,000 then to P800,000. Deniece agreed to forgive Vhong because she doesn't want the scandal and the trauma that will come with a rape case.

She cannot believe that Vhong would do something like this to her when she only treated him as a brother.

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Vhong Navarro And Deniece Cornejo Have Sexual Encounter

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