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John Lloyd Cruz Finally Breaks Silence About His Involvement With Cedric Lee

When Cedric Lee became a common household name after the beating incident involving Vhong Navarro, a lot of names have been identified to be connected to him one way or the other. Not all celebrities who have encountered him can speak well about him, though. Some showbiz analysts think that before Vhong, Cedric had also beaten up and had bad encounters with several other celebrities.

On the top of the list is Vina Morales, who has a lovechild with Cedric—her daughter Ceana. Vina prefers to stay mum about the issue and asked the public to spare her and her daughter regarding Cedric’s latest controversy. After all, their relationship has long been gone and it is common knowledge inside the show business that they did not part as friends.

The next name is Patricia Javier, who has come out early this week only to reveal that she once agreed to be Cedric’s mistress. The former sexy star said she resented that fact and asserted that she has long chosen the path to righteousness.

Association with hunks

Cedric’s name is not only associated with lady celebrities. His name is also being dragged along with several popular hunks of today. Don’t get this wrong, as the supposed involvements are not romantic in any way. On the contrary, there are speculations that he has also beaten up or physically abused several male celebrities in the past.

First on this list is former star athlete and sports TV host Davic Bunevacz, who recently made a statement straight from the US that he was also beaten up and threatened by Cedric. That came after David allegedly misspent the money in their joint skin care business in Makati City. David recalled that he and his family were forced to migrate to the US because they fear for their lives.

Second on the list is Jake Cuenca, who was rumored to have been physically and verbally threatened as well by Cedric. Rumors have it that Cedric was supposedly involved in the incident when Jake’s car was once shot by a gun. Jake denied the issue last week. He said he does not personally know Cedric and that he has never met him, ever.

John Lloyd speaks

Third on the list is John Lloyd Cruz, who is rumored to have also experienced having a bad encounter with Cedric. According to reports, that happened when John Lloyd was still with Shaina Magdayao, sister of Vina, who at that time was still seeing Cedric. John Lloyd was reportedly trying to appease Cedric who was allegedly having tantrums once while drunk inside the Magdayao residence.

Now, John Lloyd admits that he met Cedric in the past because of the Magdayao’s. But he refused to say more than that. To his point of view, what he would say about his encounter with Cedric would not matter at all. That is because it is Vhong who has a legal complaint against the businessman.

John Lloyd also assured that his full support is in Vhong. In fact, he regularly communicates with the comedian. John Lloyd said he would do whatever it takes just to make sure he would be able to help his friend who is in distress. For now, he just wants to assure Vhong that he has many friends who are backing him up.

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John Lloyd Cruz Finally Breaks Silence about His Involvement with Cedric Lee

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