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Rocco Nacino Prepares A Surprise For Lovi Poe On Her 25th Birthday

Rocco Nacino surprised Lovi Poe during her 25th birthday last February 11. The actor said Lovi doesn't usually celebrate her birthday, so he decided to prepare something for her.

Rocco shared that when he and Lovi's driver picked her up from the airport, he surprised her with a gift. He didn't say what that gift was, however.

Lovi was in Poland to attend a relative's wedding.

Afterwards, they proceeded to the clubhouse near her house where there is a surprise party waiting for her. All of her close friends are there at the small gathering Rocco prepared.

On Valentine's Day, Rocco said they cannot go anywhere because of the traffic jam in the metro. Luckily, he was able to reserve a table for them, so they had drinks in a bar then went home after that.

They came from a rehearsal that day, so they were pretty tired too.

Asked about the real score between them, Rocco said he's pursuing Lovi but there's nothing between them yet. He wants to keep it slow for now, despite missing her when she was away for a vacation.

"But then ano, masayang-masaya ako sa nangyayari ngayon. Ako, very inspired and very happy."

Although he is only pursuing Lovi for now, many have been noticing that they are really getting close. Rocco didn't want to comment on that, but said it makes it more exciting.

Rocco doesn't want to assume anything, especially since there are rumors Lovi is not welcoming any advances from other suitors. "I’m taking it na parang ito yung present. Basta ayokong pangunahan."

The most important thing for Rocco is that they are both enjoying the time they spend together. They have to see where it will lead them.

Rocco had already met a Lovi's mother and sister. He loves spending time with the both of them. He also bonds well with Lovi's sister because he's a nursing graduate. The actress' sister is taking a medical course.

Asked if Lovi's family like him for the actress, Rocco said he's not sure yet, although they are very accommodating of him. They are also very nice every time he sees them.

As for his family, he said he already invited Lovi to a family reunion. His family loved her because she was very nice to all of them. He hasn't gotten the chance to bring her to his family home yet.

His female cousins were all very fond of Lovi because they kept on asking her for fashion advice. Everything is easy going, Rocco added.

Meanwhile, Rocco will have to wait for months before the follow-up to his teleserye "Akin Pa Rin Ang Bukas" starts. For now, he will take a short vacation, so he will be ready for work again.

He wants to have a short vacation with Lovi, but they are still talking about that. Rocco is thinking of going on a backpacking trip in a nearby country, but Lovi will soon start with her new teleserye.

Also, Rocco is making another movie under Viva Films. He refused to give any details as of now.

On the other hand, Rocco shared that his gym business, which he established with other friends, is booming. They just opened their second branch.

"We’re looking forward for our third branch na rin. Hanggang sa dumami yung branches namin. Siyempre, spread the good news about healthy living."

Rocco lamented that he gained weight during the holidays, but he's slowly trying to lose that weight because he's preparing for a pictorial for his own facial care center.

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Rocco Nacino Prepares A Surprise For Lovi Poe On Her 25th Birthday

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