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Sarah Lahbati Says No Matter What She And Richard Gutierrez Go Through, They’ll Make It

Sarah Lahbati is confident that whatever challenges may lay ahead for her and her boyfriend Richard Gutierrez, the two of them will be able to prevail.

That was how Lahbati, who has been away from the limelight for a couple of years, described her relationship with Gutierrez in a recent interview with Startalk’s Butch Francisco.

The actress has been hounded by controversy for the past years and it completely overshadowed her love story with Guiterrez. She was involved in a case against GMA bigwig Annette Gozon-Abrogar in the past years but suddenly has a project now with GMA.

Without any news about a settlement or the cancellation of cases filed against her, it has led people to believe that she has settled things with Abrogar and GMA herself. A case against GMA she filed earlier was dismissed by a Quezon City court last October. Lahbati is part of the GMA Films production “Basement” which is currently showing in theaters.

Meanwhile, since Lahbati has not had a chance to recount her story with Gutierrez to the media, Francisco asked the StarStruck alumna how her love story with the actor started.

According to Lahbati, Gutierrez asked for her number when they were still part of “Makapiling Kang Muli”. However, the actress said that she was not immediately able to give the actor her number which led him to believe she was a snob.

Lahbati said that she was not able to give her number not because she did not want to but because at that time, she just changed numbers and did not really know her number off the top of her head.

Nonetheless, Gutierrez finally got her number a full month later and the rest is history, she said.

Francisco then went on to ask about the moment she and Gutierrez officially became a couple.

Lahbati said that the moment happened one afternoon while she and Gutierrez were at the set of “Makapiling Kang Muli”.

She said that Gutierrez “asked me properly and we both knew that we are at that point. You know, the typical cheesy thing.”

It has been two years since that moment and the two are still going strong. Throughout all of the ordeals Lahbati has faced, Gutierrez has been by her side. In fact, industry observers have noted in the past that their relationship may have been the cause of Gutierrez suddenly becoming cold to GMA. He was once the most prized among his generation of stars in the Kapuso network’s stable of talent.

Asked what their secret as a couple is, Lahbati said that she is confident in their relationship because of what they have gone through. She’s also firm in her belief that no matter what they face, will be able to overcome.

According to Lahbati, she knows this because she and Gutierrez trust each other and communicate well with each other.

She also added that she is very thankful that her loved ones, including her parents and “Chard”, were with her to support her during the times she was troubled which she described as “really hard” times.

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Sarah Lahbati Says No Matter What She and Richard Gutierrez Go Through, They’ll Make It

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