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Mark Herras Admits Fathering A Love Child

Last Sunday, Mark Herras went to GMA-7’s Startalk to make a confession to the public. Not to the surprise of anyone, the 27-year-old Kapuso actor admitted that he is now a dad to a three-month-old baby girl, out of wedlock.

The apologetic Mark was wearing a white shirt, an obvious attempt to create a public perception of sincerity and resentment. It should be noted that Lolit Solis, one of the show’s hosts, is his showbiz manager. Throughout the show, the feisty manager was obviously not at ease with the admission.

Mark gave just few details about his baby. But he admitted that the mother used to work as his handler. He did not name her, but he disclosed that the woman was older than him. She is now 32 years old and is still single. However, Mark did not give any indication that he has plans of marrying the woman or of living in with her.

Resentments and promises

The actor also revealed the name of the baby. According to him, she would be called ‘Ada.’ As early as now, he promised to be a good dad to his daughter. He also apologized to the baby for his past denials whenever he would be asked about rumors of fathering a child with another girl.

It can be recalled that Mark and long-time girlfriend Ynna Asistio broke up last year. Back then, the two refused to divulge the real reason for the break up. But there was already a rumor that Mark got another woman pregnant. He vehemently denied it that time until the issue died a natural death.

Another angle that surfaced to explain the breakup was that Ynna’s family was allegedly owing Mark millions of pesos. Nadia Montenegro, Ynna’s mom, came out to confirm that they owe Mark some money, but refused to disclose the amount. She just said that they are still okay with Mark despite the severance of ties.

Dealing with blackmail

Now, there are rumors that Mark was not intending to come out to admit his lovechild. As usual, his camp is afraid of whatever that action would bear to his career. Mark is just starting up again to bolster his once fledging showbiz career. He now stars as the leading man of Jennylyn Mercado in the GMA-7 primetime series ‘Rhodora X.’

There are reports that before the admission, somebody was trying to blackmail Mark. According to sources, the person was trying to extort money from the actor in exchange of his secret. Mark may have thought that giving in to the demands of the blackmailer would further get him into trouble. Thus, he decided to make the public confession.

According to the grapevine, the GMA-7 management is also monitoring whatever that action would have in Mark’s career. The bosses are reportedly taking a closer look at the possible effects of the revelation to the revived team-up of Jennylyn and Mark.

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Mark Herras Admits Fathering a Love Child

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