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Deniece Cornejo Says She Was Raped By Vhong Navarro Two Times

Model and stylist Deniece Cornejo said she was raped by "It's Showtime" host Vhong Navarro not only once, but twice. Apparently, she was also raped during their first meeting on January 17.

This was what Deniece said in her counter-affidavit submitted to the Department of Justice (DOJ) during the second preliminary investigation of the complaints filed by Vhong against Deniece, businessman Cedric Lee, his sister Bernice and MMA athlete Zimmer Raz.

This new information was opposed to Deniece's earlier statement that only "oral sex" happened between her and Vhong during the first time the actor-TV host visited her in her condo unit in Taguig City.

Deniece alleged that on January 22, she was raped by Vhong. Afterwards, Vhong was apparently mauled and attacked by Cedric and his group. He filed serious illegal detention and physical injuries complaints against the group.

The counter-affidavits of Cedric, Bernice and Zimmer also supported Deniece's statements.

Before the submission of their counter-affidavits, Cedric's and Bernice's camps filed an omnibus motion to delay the submission of the said affidavits. The DOJ did not allow this.

According to Deniece, Vhong was very aggressive during that first time. He was able to lift her shirt, expose her breasts and touch her private parts.

While she was struggling against the TV host-actor's advances, he apparently managed to insert his penis into Deniece's mouth. Although she tried to free from his clutches, Vhong was able to remove his pants and insert his penis into her vagina.

Deniece said she was begging Vhong and crying for him to stop. "Eventually he stopped and left my unit."

This was apparently the reason why Cedric went to her condo unit after Vhong's first visit. Cedric offered to report the incident, but Deniece wasn't feeling well that time.

In the affidavit of Cedric, he said that Deniece texted him at about 1:30AM to 2:00AM of January 18, saying she was being harassed.

When he went to her condo unit, Deniece told him that she was raped by Vhong. Asked if she wants to report the incident, Deniece said she was still distraught at that time.

Cedric left after the model assured him she's alright.

According to Bernice, she went to Deniece's condo unit on January 22 because they have plans to go out that night. She became hungry and that's why she went out.

When she went back, Deniece told her that she was again raped by Vhong. Zimmer, another friend, was near the fire exit so he was able to help the model.

Bernice then told her brother what happened. At that point, Cedric allegedly rushed to the condo unit to confront Vhong. Bernice accompanied Deniece to the pool area to try to console her.

Zimmer, for his part, said that he heard screaming from Deniece's condo unit while he was smoking near the fire exit. When he went back to the room, he saw Vhong on top of Deniece.

He pulled Vhong off Deniece and while he was pulling his shorts up, he was also trying to escape. Vhong apparently throwed punches at Zimmer, but he was able to push him to the ground.

A few minutes after this, Cedric arrived in the unit and that is when they made the "citizen arrest" against Vhong.

"As Vhong became more violent with his punches, kicks and blatant attempts to escape, a scuffle ensued. With his hands tied behind him, we sat Vhong down on the sofa and told him we are arresting him for raping Deniece."

Atty. Howard Calleja, the legal counsel of Deniece, said it was hard for the model to relive her first rape experience and that is why she was only able to reveal it now.

According to their camp, the NBI should also reveal the full CCTV footage because the one aired on television was already edited.

For Atty. Alma Mallonga, Vhong's legal counsel, this version will actually work for their case. She said that Deniece's differing statements are positive for Vhong's case.

"Nag-a-adjust sila ng kanilang kuwento, para naman matugunan yung hindi mo maikailang ebidensiya—yung CCTV footage nga."

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Deniece Cornejo Says She Was Raped By Vhong Navarro Two Times

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