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Roxanne Cabañero Lawyer Denies Their Camp Said Alleged Rape Happened On April 24, 2010

Roxanne Cabañero’s lawyer is denying that their camp said that the rape allegedly perpetrated by Vhong Navarro happened on April 24, 2010.

According to Atty. Virgillo Batalla, this date was supposedly when the comedian, actor and host met the aspiring beauty queen. This was reportedly the date when the delegates of Miss Bikini Philippines along with Cabañero visited the set of “It’s Showtime”.

Batalla made the statements in separate interviews with GMA News and TV5 where he also clarified that his client made a mistake in identifying the hotel she and her fellow beauty pageant contestants were staying.

In the GMA Balitanghali interview, Batalla said that they did not say Cabañero was raped on April 24, 2010.

“Sila ang nagsasabi ng date of rape,” he said, adding that in the evidence they presented, the date was not present.

He also said that Navarro’s camp is conditioning people to think that the alleged rape happened on April 24, 2010. He said, “kaming nag-aakusa, hindi namin sinasabing 24.”

During the TV5 interview, Batalla said that the alleged rape happened “During the time of April 24, 25, 26, and 27.” He said that the incident happened while his client and her fellow candidates were staying at the Astoria [hotel], “as what is corrected now as Millenium [Millenia] suites.”

The statement is contrary to an alleged copy of the complainant’s affidavit which has been circulating online.

As told by Cabañero in recent interviews, she said that she and her fellow beauty pageant contestants went to the set of “It’s Showtime” on April 24, 2010. Navarro allegedly had one of the show’s staff get her number.

In the afternoon, someone who introduced himself as Navarro allegedly started texting her. Later on, the person is said to have told her that they should meet at Astoria where the delegation was staying.

Because she allegedly did not want the other contestants to see she was with someone in the hotel, Cabañero told the person no. Navarro then said he would just fetch her, Cabañero said.

Meanwhile, Batalla also clarified why his client confused Astoria with Millenia, the hotel the contestants of the 2010 pageant stayed in.

After the name of the hotel got involved in the issue, Astoria Plaza project director Ric Valenzuela, in an interview on Sunday with Boy Abunda, denied that his hotel housed the contestants. He said he can confirm this because it was he who turned down the promotion.

According to Batalla, Cabañero and her group were told that they will be staying at the Astoria. Later on, the hotel was changed but his client reportedly still thought it to be Astoria.

“At sa Millenia Suites, halos magkatabi yun, ang alam pa rin ng aking kliyente ay Astoria pa rin,” he told GMA News.

In the TV5 interview, he said Cabañero was confused because the two hotels looked the same. Furthermore, his client was a “probinsiyana” in 2010, he said.

Millenia has confirmed that Miss Bikini Philippines contestants stayed at their hotel at the time. Meanwhile, fellow contestant Rose Ann Uy Aguilar has confirmed that she, Cabañero and the other contestants were staying at Millenia when the contest happened.

However, in a series of posts on Twitter, Aguilar denied seeing Cabañero and Navarro together on April 24, 2010. She said she did not see Cabañero alight from any vehicle and just saw her enter the hotel. They said hi to each other, she said.

Aguilar even said that Cabañero and her are not friends. She said she does not have Cabañero’s number and that they do not talk.

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Roxanne Cabañero Lawyer Denies Their Camp Said Alleged Rape Happened on April 24, 2010

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