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Roxanne Cabañero Rape Complaint Specifies April 24, 2010 As Date Of Alleged Rape Despite Denial From Lawyer

Despite a denial from Roxanne Cabañero’s lawyer, the former beauty pageant contestant’s complaint did specify April 24, 2010 as the day when Vhong Navarro allegedly raped her, a report from ABS-CBN highlights.

According to the Kapamilya network, they got hold of a copy of the complaint which was signed by Cabañero and filed last February 19. The complaint was also signed by Assistant City Prosecutor Richard Parras, the report said.

In the complaint, Cabañero specified that the purported rape was perpetrated on "April 24, 2010, 11-pm to 1:AM" in “Pasig City, near Astoria Hotel”.

This runs contrary to what Cabañero’s lawyer, Atty. Virgilio Batalla, told GMA News and TV5 in separate interviews that they did not say that the rape happened on April 24, 2010.

The lawyer came out saying that it is Navarro’s camp that is conditioning people to think that they said that the rape happened on the said date.

Navarro’s camp presented evidence after the complaint was filed proving that the actor was somewhere else at the time. Vice Ganda said under oath that Navarro was with him during a concert he had at Island Cove in Cavite on the night of April 24.

Island Cove management has corroborated this statement.

Furthermore, a tweet from Kean Cipriano affirms Navarro’s appearance at Vice Ganda’s concert that night while a YouTube video also shows Navarro present at that show that night. Vice Ganda has said that Navarro was one of the last people to leave the show as he had a number toward the end of the concert.

Atty. Batalla, on the other hand, has told reporters that Vice Ganda’s testimony is “irrelevant” because their camp did not say that the date the alleged rape took place is April 24, 2010.

In an interview with TV5, Batalla said that the alleged rape happened “During the time of April 24, 25, 26, and 27.”

In the interview, as well as another interview with GMA News, Batalla also clarified that his client got confused and mixed up the names of Astoria Plaza and Millenia Hotel in Ortigas as the two look the same and because, as he said, his client was still a “probinsiyana” in 2010.

He said that Cabañero was told they were staying at the Astoria but when the venue cancelled, they were transferred to Millenia which the pageant contestant thought was still Astoria.

The complaint from Cabañero came after model Deniece Cornejo filed a rape case against Navarro in connection to the actor’s mauling at a condominium unit at the Bonifacio Global City in January.

Cornejo said that her friend Cedric Lee caught Navarro raping her leading to why Navarro was beaten.

However, Navarro claims that all of this was a big ploy to extort money from him. He said he was bound, beaten, threatened and had his private parts abused. He has vowed to fight in the courts to prevent this from happening to anybody else.

Cornejo, Lee and others named in Navarro’s complaint also have pending cases against Navarro.

Cabañero, on the other hand, has insisted that while Cornejo’s situation inspired her to come out, her case is her own and Cornejo and Lee have nothing to do with her pressing charges against Navarro.

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Roxanne Cabañero Rape Complaint Specifies April 24, 2010 As Date Of Alleged Rape Despite Denial From Lawyer

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