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Vhong Navarro Plans To File Libel And Perjury Against Deniece Cornejo

The camp of embattled "It's Showtime" host Vhong Navarro is planning to file libel and perjury cases against model and stylist Deniece Cornejo for spreading false and malicious assertions against the comedian-host.

Atty. Alma Mallonga, Vhong's legal counsel, said that Deniece perjured herself three times--when she filed a false rape complaint, when she asserted that rape happened to support her petition for a protection order and when she said she was raped also on January 17 when her own previous statements said nothing happened that night.

"Given the consistency of her lying about this, how can she be believed at all?"

On January 17, Vhong first visited Deniece in her condo unit in Taguig City. The comedian-host said Deniece performed oral sex on him while Deniece earlier denied this. But recently, the model said she was actually raped the first time on January 17, which begs to wonder why she invited Vhong back to her condo unit on January 22, the night of the supposed second rape incident.

On her official sworn statement, Deniece said that on the night of January 17, they were in different rooms of the small condo unit. In fact, they barely talked to each other because she was busy working on her laptop while Vhong was sipping wine in the living room.

Vhong even allegedly complained that he visited her, but she was more intent on working. Deniece told the comedian-host that she is waiting for a friend to come, so they can all hang out together.

At that point, Vhong apparently said that he thought it will just be the two of them. In the end, Deniece said she continued working while the comedian-host engaged her in light conversations.

When her friend finally messaged her, saying that she can no longer come to the condo, Deniece said she asked Vhong to go home already.

The comedian-host apparently made light jokes about sleeping over, but Deniece dismissed these as mere banters. He eventually left by himself, the model said.

Netizens criticized the way Deniece kept on changing her statements, especially when she said she was also raped the night of January 17.

Her legal counsel, Atty. Howard Calleja, appealed to the public to be more sympathetic about the situation of his client. He said it's never easy for a rape victim to admit what happened.

Vhong's camp, on the other hand, questioned the fact that it took Deniece late to say that something also transpired on January 17, five days before the night Vhong was apparently mauled inside her condo unit by business Cedric Lee and his group.

"She had two opportunities to assert those details in her complaint. But she repeatedly said no such thing happened."

Even in the blotter report filed at the Southern Police District, the model did not mention anything about January 17. In fact, she pointed out that an "attempted rape" was what transpired on January 22. This is opposed to the rape case now filed against the comedian-host.

"It was also indicated in the police blotter that she didn’t want to pursue her claim."

Atty. Alma said they have strong evidence that Deniece and even Cedric committed perjury and libel. This is in relation to an interview wherein Cedric called Vhong a "rapist."

"Naaawa ako kay Vhong. Isn’t it enough na binugbog siya nang pisikal? Now he continues to be brutalized and victimized by all of these lies against him. This is too much."

Vhong's camp earlier filed a serious illegal detention complaint against Cedric and his group. This included Deniece, his sister Bernice, Zimmer Raz, JP Calma, Mike Fernandez, Ferdinand Guerrero and another unidentified man.

During the preliminary investigation of the Department of Justice (DOJ), Vhong's camp asked it to send a subpoena to JP and Jed, so they can file their counter-affidavits.

As for Ferdinand, the NBI has yet to find out where he lives.

Atty. Alma told Cedric's camp that they should reveal where Ferdinand is living, but Cedric and Atty. Howard remained mum about the issue.

They also refused to identify the unidentified man who was with Cedric's group the night Vhong was physically harassed.

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Vhong Navarro Plans To File Libel And Perjury Against Deniece Cornejo

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