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Coleen Garcia Admits There's Something Special Between Her And Billy Crawford

Coleen Garcia is not in a hurry to give "It's Showtime" co-host and suitor Billy Crawford her sweet "yes." She said she's not yet ready to be in a relationship because she wants to make sure of what they have.

She said though that Billy is special, but she doesn't want to put any label to their relationship. A label, she added, is not for the couple but for the people around them and those watching their every move.

There's no deadline for saying "yes" to Billy, she said, adding that there's always time for them.

This is opposed to reports saying the two are often seen together on dates. Also, Coleen is pointed as the reason for Billy's breakup with longtime girlfriend, actress Nikki Gil.

Coleen and Billy denied this, but Nikki hinted that a third party caused the end of their five-year relationship.

In an earlier interview, Billy said there was a time Coleen avoided him because of all the negative reports surrounding him.

Coleen admitted seeing Billy in New York was a wrong move for her since people thought they were there together intentionally. But, the actress said her manager, Mr. Johnny Manahan, can even vouch that they didn't take the same flight.

Mr. M was apparently in the same flight as Coleen.

After the rumors started circulating that she is the cause of the breakup, Coleen felt that she should avoid Billy that time. Also, she was coming off as defensive because she kept on giving interviews about the issue.

There came a point that she doesn't want to answer questions anymore until such time that Billy was the one already who cleared her name.

"But before that, I really felt like I was the only one helping myself. Ganun kasi ang feeling ko nun and I told him that."

She's a very straightforward person, Coleen said, so her words can sometimes be taken out of context when edited.

Billy earlier said he found himself through Coleen, something the TV host denied knowing. The international performer said that he broke up with Nikki because he lost himself in the process of their relationship, and that he feels lost and confused.

"Maybe I think he found himself when he found his freedom. He had the state and the freedom to be himself, he got to be himself again."

When entering into a relationship, Coleen said a person has to be complete because when he did not enter a relationship as a complete person, he might really lose himself in the process.

Coleen admitted getting hurt by the negativities surrounding Billy's courtship of her. Up until now, people seem to think of her as the reason for the Nikki-Billy breakup.

For some time, Coleen tried to defend herself. But she said that those people don't know the real her and the reason for everything. "I can be edited out, but as long as at the end of the day, I know naman na tama yung ginagawa ko, na wala akong tinatapakan na tao at wala akong ginagawang masama."

In her heart, Coleen knows those rumors are not true and she doesn't have to worry about it.

Meanwhile, Coleen expressed how happy she is that co-hosts Vice Ganda and Karylle ended their rift. It's hard to be in a show where two of the main hosts are not in speaking terms with each other, the TV host said.

She talked to Karylle before, and she told her that everything will be fine between her and Vice.

The two had a rift because of Karylle's fiance, Spongecola vocalist Yael Yuzon.

Coleen is happy the two were able to mend the fences before Vice leaves for a series of show in the US.

"Lahat kami talaga. Kahit 'di kami kasama sa problema na yun, parang pakiramdam namin, lahat kami affected. Parang magkakapatid na rin kami nila Vice and Karylle."

She's also excited for Karylle and Yael, who are due to wed in March. When Karylle announced her engagement, Coleen said she was actually quite nervous and happy for her friend.

As for Vhong Navarro, who is facing multiple rape complaints, Coleen said she is sure the comedian-TV host will get back on his feet.

When you don't see Vhong, the initial reaction is to worry about him because of what happened. But they were with him a few days ago during his girlfriend's birthday, and Coleen said he was doing fine.

"He’s really being strong about it, and I really think na he’s really yung tipo ng tao na kakayanin niya talaga to overcome this."

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Coleen Garcia Admits There's Something Special Between Her And Billy Crawford

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