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Roxanne Cabanero's Camp Stands By Her Statements Against Vhong Navarro

The camp of former beauty queen Roxanne Cabanero, who was allegedly raped by comedian-TV host Vhong Navarro, said that they still have a case despite Roxanne's changing statements.

At first, Roxanne said she was raped by Vhong on April 24, 2010 near the Astoria Plaza Hotel where she and the other contestants of Miss Bikini Philippines were billeted.

However, when Astoria Plaza denied the contestants were billeted there, Roxanne's camp said it was at the Millenia Suites. Roxanne got the hotels mixed up because they were supposed to stay at the Astoria.

When Vhong's camp provided evidence that the comedian-TV host was actually at the Island Cove in Cavite during the night of April 24, Roxanne's camp said there was also a mix up on the dates. The rape supposedly happened between April 24 to 27. They did not specify when.

Slimmers World, the organizer of the Miss Bikini Philippines 2010, said that the candidates were nowhere near Pasig City last April 24.

Meanwhile, Vhong's camp is planning to file perjury and libel charges against Roxanne. This is similar to the cases it will file against Deniece Cornejo, who was the first to accuse the comedian-TV host of rape.

These cases will also be filed against Chinese business Cedric Lee.

Tony Calvento, a well-known columnist, said he feels "sorry" for Roxanne because she has put herself in a situation where she can no longer escape from.

"Like I said, how many times have you been raped in your lifetime? Not everyday that you would forget the date, make a mistake at the place and time."

Roxanne said it was a "horrific" experience and yet, why is she resorting to a multiple choice of dates? Tony asked. He explained that perjury carries the punishment of reclusion temporal for six years.

For every "wrong" accusation she hurled against Vhong, that will be counted as one offense, Tony explained.

"I just hope the people who convinced you to come out and say those things will pay for all of these."

Roxanne's lawyer, Virgilio Batalla, said it is within Vhong's rights to file perjury and libel cases against his client. But he said the "grand design" was to mislead the public and then ruin Roxanne's reputation.

"Kahit nga pokpok, kahit na prostitute, kahit addict, puwedeng magsampa ng kaso ng rape."

He said that Vhong's camp is threatening her client, which is a violation of a code of a lawyer.

Atty. Virgilio was asked about the exact date when Roxanne was raped by the comedian-TV host. He said Roxanne cannot remember exactly when the rape happened.

There were some cases in the Supreme Court wherein the victim forgot when the crime happened, but the Court still decided on this particular case's favor.

When Roxanne first mixed up the names of the hotels and the dates, the lawyer said it is because she was a "probinsyana." This earned the ire of netizens who said he made his client look stupid.

Atty. Virgilio explained that Roxanne was only 20 years old at that time, and she doesn't even know the names of the streets in Manila.

There are many bashers of his client online. How is she coping? The lawyer said Roxanne is very depressed because of the social media. But then again, he asked her before if she's ready to face the consequences, and Roxanne was apparently determined to see the case through.

When it comes to Roxanne's "connection" to Cedric, Atty. Virgilio said he doesn't know anything about it because his only concern is the "rape" case. And if ever Roxanne knows Cedric, it doesn't mean that what she was saying was untrue.

"Immaterial and irrelevant ‘yan. Lahat ng bagay na ‘yan."

He, however, said the public has every right to voice out their opinions.

As long as Roxanne can recount how she was raped, then they have a case, the lawyer said. "We have a case! We have a case! We will not file a baseless case, na it’s really on our oath."

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Roxanne Cabanero's Camp Stands By Her Statements Against Vhong Navarro

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