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Toni Gonzaga Is Used To Questions About Marriage

For the past seven years, Toni Gonzaga has evaded questions about when she will get married to director Paul Soriano. Two years into the relationship and they were already being asked when they will tie the knot.

Now at seven years, Toni said she has gotten used to the questions already. But she also realized that she's not the type of woman who will settle down just because the relationship is stable already. She wanted to pursue her dreams first and fulfill her goals before taking that big leap.

But Toni said she's ready to say "yes" once Paul proposes. Like her character Ginny in "Starting Over Again," Toni also wants to pursue her dreams. However, will she do the same thing Ginny did?

Toni answered in the negative. She also doesn't want to imprison herself to one person her whole life because she will miss a lot of opportunities and chances to meet a new person.

She learned a lot from the movie and her view about love even matured. Toni realized she needed to let go of what is done already and move on from things that are beyond her control.

She and Paul are beyond getting pressured already. They are already used to the questions. Paul, she admitted, is already preparing a house for them in the future. However, Toni's mother extended one of their properties, meaning her parents wanted her to remain near them.

Her father also asked Paul if they can live in Taytay, Toni's hometown. But the actress-singer said she doesn't want to thresh out the details yet. "Ito nga, wala pa akong engagement ring, doon na tayo sa bahay. Pinangungunahan na naman natin kaya nauudlot."

She's more than okay to live in Taytay, but anywhere with Paul is also okay.

Meanwhile, Paul was able to see her movie with Piolo Pascual, "Starting Over Again." At first, Toni doesn't want Paul to see the film because of the love scenes with Piolo.

But since Paul insisted, she decided to go home with him "para masiguro ko na may guidance, SPG, e!"

During the love scenes, she tried to distract Paul by giving him popcorn, chocolates and candies. Paul was able to see some scenes, but the actress-singer said she was quite successful in distracting him.

She doesn't want him to see the whole film. When Paul understood the scenes with Piolo, he asked why did Toni's mom allow her to do it. "Sabi ko, 'Walang magagawa, nagrebelde, nagrebelde?!'"

Paul was surprised to know that the movie earned P25 million during its first day, so that pushed him to watch the movie.

During the time that director Olivia Lamasan said that there needs to be a love scene in the movie, Toni admitted she cannot do it. However, the director said she will try to turn the love scene into something Toni will be comfortable to do--a comedy.

Asked if she's now ready to go more daring, Toni said she will only be able to do a love scene if it's a comedy. "Hindi na, sabi ko kay Inang, ito na. Ito na ang pinakasagad na sagad na yun. Hindi ba kasuka-suka? Parang ako nasuka, e, kari-karimarim!"

Toni said she's not for sensual love scenes. "Kaya ganun lang, hindi ako magla-love scene kung hindi katawa-tawa."

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Toni Gonzaga Is Used To Questions About Marriage

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