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Deniece Cornejo Denies Having STD

Model-stylist Deniece Cornejo, who accused Vhong Navarro of raping her last January 17 and 22, denied that she has bacterial vaginosis, which if not treated, will lead to sexually-transmitted disease (STD).

In mid-February, photos of a medical examination result was posted on the Internet. The result said Deniece has bacterial vaginosis. The medical exam transpired on January 20 2014, or three days after she and Vhong first got together on January 17.

The medical result also said that Deniece's vagina had a discharge with "fishy odor."

But through her Instagram account, Deniece finally broke her silence by saying that she doesn't have STD. She added that she also doesn't work in any illegal club, as opposed to rumors saying she works in a sexy club as a prostitute.

"I don’t have any relationship with any man. I don’t have vices. Pinoy love teleserye that’s why we love dramas."

Deniece also denied having vices. She's also not materialistic, saying that everything she sells on her website is just for business. Furthermore, the model-stylist said she will answer all questions at the right time and place.

"Sa larangan ng batas, walang sikat at maimpluwensiya, tayo ay pantay-pantay lamang."

She also posted another photo on her Instagram account. It was apparently a screenshot of hers and business Cedric Lee's text message exchanges on January 18. In his affidavit, Cedric said Deniece texted her after she was first raped by Vhong on January 17. The model-stylist was apparently asking for Cedric's help because she was being "harassed."

In the said post, Deniece put the hashtags "#telecomcantlie," "#Godistrue" and "stopmakingstories."

But netizens said it's very easy nowadays to edit the time and place on many mobile phones. For now, Deniece has put her Instagram account in private.

Deniece claimed that she raped by Vhong on January 17 and January 22. The latter day was when Vhong was apparently mauled by Cedric and a group of men. He since then filed a slew of cases against the group, including serious illegal detention and serious physical injuries.

Meanwhile, she denied knowing Roxanne Cabanero, the former beauty queen who is also alleging that Vhong raped her between April 24 to 27 in 2010. Deniece earlier said that right after she filed the rape complaint against the comedian-TV host, there were some people who texted her to tell her that the same thing happened to them.

Roxanne said Deniece's decision to come out as a victim inspired her to do the same.

Asked who she was referring to who told her that Vhong also harassed her, Deniece said "From random [people], my model friends. General lang mga sinabi."

"Cause they know the attitude of that guy na hindi ko naman alam. I don’t know Roxanne. ‘Di naman ako sumasali sa beauty pageant. I’m in fashion industry."

Roxanne's statements, however, have been changed ever since she filed the complaint. Now, she is not sure when she was raped or where the alleged rape happened. She earlier said it was on April 24, but backtracked when Vice Ganda proved that Vhong was with him in a show during that night.

Deniece kept on posting on her Instagram about the rape case. She also answered a lot of allegations such as why she didn't want to file a complaint in the first place. This was based on the police blotter report Vhong signed on January 22, the night of the "mauling" incident.

In her post, she said that Vhong is not just afraid for his family, but he's also afraid the public will know the real him behind the camera. She asked to send him to jail because she doesn't want other women to be abused by Vhong. "And I know you know me from the very start that is why you grabbed the opportunity."

If they're really after Vhong's money, P1 million is too small for someone like him, who has a regular show and several successful movies.

She also lashed against the media, particularly one "TV station." She understands that the TV station, probably referring to ABS-CBN, is doing its job to protect its talent. However, she lamented that the network portrayed her as a "bad girl."

But all of these are lies, Deniece said. "You did not even had the courtesy to ask permission to televised my private life and confirmed if everything you wrote ay makatotohanan ba."

She was probably referring to a "Buzz Ng Bayan" report, which said she was a former employee of Room 526 Piano Bar and Restaurant in Malate, Manila. According to the same report, all the women working in the said bar have aliases or fake names.

Deniece appealed to the public not to believe everything they see on TV. "Let's admit it, we are easily influenced. that is why we are in third world country."

The model-stylist said she's ready to face Vhong in the long process of the case. She made a promise to the people who are supporting her that she will fight for herself.

Asked if she can work normally, Deniece said her "freedom is limited because of the issue." She was a workaholic woman but now, she sees this as God's way of telling her to rest for a while.

"There is a perfect time for everything."

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Deniece Cornejo Denies Having STD

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