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Kim Jones Reveals Wedding With Jericho Rosales Is All Set

Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones will finally tie the knot in May in Boracay. She said that the big stuff are all set now, and they're just finalizing the last-minute details.

She said that she's not stress out now about the wedding although there's a minor detail the other night that did stress her out.

Even though Jericho is busy taping for ABS-CBN's "The Legal Wife," Kim said he's still very active in making sure he's well-informed about the preparations for the wedding.

Asked if her fiance asked for a specific theme for their wedding, she said that he wanted a pirate ship once but she said "no." "That’s just him. He's like a kid at heart. We try to compromise."

And since they both love the beach, the location of the wedding was never a tough choice for them. It has to be summer, it has to have a perfect weather, and it has to be by the beach, Kim said.

It was hard to prepare for a beach wedding, the model added, but it was worth it because "we breathe salt water."

Both Kim and Jericho are avid surfers. Kim learned the sport from Jericho when they first started dating.

They started going out in October 2011 and went steady until August 2013 when Jericho proposed during Church service. "There’s definitely kilig because we’re so in love naman. Those moments when we realize we're getting married. We get giddy with excitement."

Kim maintains that it's not every day they feel this way. There are no relationships that are true romances all the time, she added.

What does she loves most about Jericho? Kim said it's the everyday things he does to make her feel that she's special to him. Jericho calls her regularly even when he's busy on the set just to make sure she knows that he loves her.

"It’s the effort he puts every day just to tell me he loves me. Things like that."

Although their age gap is quite big (eight years), Kim said she and Jericho get along well because he's also a kid at heart. She added that they are both goof balls and they don't take themselves too seriously.

Their age gap, she said, was never an issue. "It’s a great partnership, really."

Not much will change even though they will be getting married in two months, Kim said, adding that they will wait for a few more years before they start trying to have children.

Both of them are still young, and they both want to achieve a lot of things first. They still have their goals and dreams to reach and fulfill.

Although there might be "small sacrifices," they won't settle down and have a family.

What is she looking forward to as a married woman? "It’s cheesy. But just waking up every morning and seeing him next to me. I’m just excited to just be a wife. Not a housewife, but a wife."

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Kim Jones Reveals Wedding With Jericho Rosales Is All Set

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