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Kris Lawrence And Katrina Halili Prepare To Get Married

Singer Kris Lawrence will marry actress Katrina Halili in two years. He said that they are now preparing for a life as husband and wife.

Currently, they will be opening their first joint account so that Katrina will be the one to take care of their finances. It's only right, Kris said, since they already have a one-year-and-five-months-old baby named Katie.

In the Philippines, it is a custom that the wife handles the finances in the household. Although Kris grew up in the States with a different culture, he said he must give in to what Katrina wants.

It's hard for him to follow this particular custom, but he wanted to do it for his family.
"I love her naman, so I’ll give everything. Yun ang usapan namin. It’s very hard for me but, yes, I’ll do it."

But before they get married, Kris wants to fulfill one of his promises to Katrina first--have a new house for him, Katrina and Katie. Katrina is willing to help Kris in buying a new house, but the singer said the actress can keep her house if she wants to.

Katie's arrival in their lives changed both Kris and Katrina. Before, they used to argue about small things, but they think now before arguing about certain issues.

As for Katrina, she is definitely more mature now, her future husband said. "I’m not saying that she was immature dati, pero there was a big difference, you know, that it made her family, sa mga tao sa bahay, we all noticed."

She is more responsible now in terms of handling her finances, which is why Kris is comfortable to let her handle his money too.

And because he is currently preparing for his impending marriage, Kris is thankful to his manager and Universal Records for giving him a chance to further his career.

He remained mum about the album and its songs, but he's very proud of "Champion," which has been used for the documentary film on Manny Pacquiao entitled "Manny."

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Kris Lawrence And Katrina Halili Prepare To Get Married

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