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David Bunevacz Says He And Cedric Lee Are Now Friends

David Bunevacz has taken back his earlier statements. Now, the former model and business partner of Cedric Lee, the Chinese businessman accused of mauling TV personality Vhong Navarro, said he and Cedric are now okay and are friends again.

They made amends about a couple of years ago. David even invited Cedric to stay over at his house in Los Angeles if he was ever there. David and wife Jessica Rodriguez left the Philippines seven years ago because of an issue with Cedric.

The former business partners had a falling out when David and Jessica could not pay Cedric and their other investors. Cedric apparently threatened their lives, which forced the couple to leave for the US.

When asked about what happened to Vhong before, David was adamant in saying he hopes the perpetrator gets the justice he deserves. He also mentioned what happened to him and his wife. But now, he's singing a different tune.

He said he just wants "somebody" to pay for what happened to Vhong. David added he only hears "bits and pieces" about the case, and about Cedric's alleged involvement in it.

"I don’t know what the truth is. But you know, I don’t really wish any ill, harm on anyone."

Cedric has not talked to David, he said, so he doesn't really know personally what was happening back in the Philippines. He tried to follow as much as he can through the Internet, but he also admitted he was shocked when he saw Vhong's pictures.

In 2007, Cedric and his business partners filed an estafa case against David for allegedly using the Beverly Hills 6750 funds to buy a BMW X5. There is a warrant of arrest for David with a bail of P120,000. But in his counter-affidavit, he said Cedric filed the case because of the serious physical injuries complaint he lodged against him.

When he heard Vhong's case, David admitted it brought back painful memories. But his case was not as terrible as that of the "It's Showtime" host, he added.

Vhong was mauled and attacked in the condo unit of model-stylist Deniece Cornejo last January by Cedric and his group. This apparently happened because Vhong raped Deniece two times in January.

The comedian-TV host was allegedly caught in the act of raping Deniece. Vhong denied the accusations, and said he was simply a victim of blackmail and extortion.

Cedric and his groups asked P1 million from Vhong.

"Not as bad as he did, not that bad. What happened to him, it’s very scary."

Aside from being business partners, David and Cedric are also friends. Cedric is also a godfather to David's daughter, Breanna. "Cedric, he was a really, really good friend of mine."

Right now, the case between them is still pending. David said that won't be resolved unless he comes home to the Philippines. He is sure though that they can settle that if they want to.

Do they need mediation or out-of-court settlement? "Yeah, I think, but a lot of damage has been done, on both sides. So I think it’s just best that we leave it as it is and we’ve already gone, you know, into the future with our new lives."

Asked for a message for Cedric and Vhong, David said Cedric knows what he thinks about him. "I hope that, you know, the things aren’t true, what they’re saying about him."

David said he will never stop caring for Cedric since they had a close bond for so many years. He will always wish the best for him and he hopes there are much more positive things in the future for his former business partner.

As for Vhong, David sympathizes with the comedian-TV host. He knows exactly how he feels, and he still has nightmares about it. "I’m so sorry that it happened to you."

In the end, David said he and Jessica have a happy and peaceful life in the US. Their children are all grown up now, and they have all the golf courses and the sports they want to be involved in.

Life is good for them there, he added.

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David Bunevacz Says He And Cedric Lee Are Now Friends

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