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Kaye Abad Admits Breakup With Guji Lorenzana

Kaye Abad and Guji Lorenzana have already broken up. Kaye admitted that their three-year relationship is now over even though she has never admitted it before.

It's a trial and error, Kaye said, adding that it just so happened it's an "error" right now. She was clear in saying there was no third party involved in their separation.

Even her friends were surprised that they were together. She's not really the kind of person who tells the public what's happening in her life unless she is being asked.

Back in 2009 during "Bud Brothers," they were not really together yet. Even during "Somewhere In My Heart" (2009), they were not a couple yet. Kaye told Guji she's not ready to fall in love again since she just came from a seven-year relationship with Parokya Ni Edgar frontman Chito Miranda.

"Naging masugid siya, naghintay siya. Naghintay siya na naging hanggang gradual na lang, na parang after a year na parang ganun na rin naman."

They don't have anniversaries because their relationship was a "gradual" thing. She never denied it, but never admitted it too, Kaye added.

Kaye admitted she was hurt by the breakup, but she prefers to look at the brighter side of things and think that it's best for the both of them if they just separate.

During the press conference for "Annaliza," her co-star Carlo Aquino joked that Kaye fell out of love with Guji. Kaye denied this and said that their relationship just didn't work out.

Is she afraid to fall in love because of what happened between her and Guji? It's easy for her to fall in love, especially once she sees the trait she wants in a guy. But for now, Kaye is putting aside her lovelife. She's afraid that she might fail in it again.

Kaye has been in three relationships--all of them from showbiz. The first was John Lloyd Cruz, then Chito and finally, Guji. Is she willing to be in a relationship with a non-showbiz guy?

She prefers if her partner is from showbiz, but it's also okay if he's not from the industry. She just wants someone from showbiz because he can better understand her time and her commitment to her job.

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Kaye Abad Admits Breakup With Guji Lorenzana

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