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Zanjoe Marudo Is Not Yet Ready To Get Married

Zanjoe Marudo said he's not ready to settle down with his girlfriend Bea Alonzo. He added that his savings are not enough for that kind of step in his life.

This came after he said he was able to save a lot because of the 10-month run of his teleserye, "Annaliza." Zanjoe played Guido, the adoptive father of Annaliza (Andrea Brillantes).

He added that it's a different thing to play a father role in the teleserye and to be actually a father in real life. He feels that he will be a good father to his future kids, but he clarified that he cannot see that yet in the near future.

But Zanjoe said that maybe, he will be like Guido when he does become a father. However, he maintained that he's not putting a timetable to these things.

Andrea is close to Zanjoe and Bea. How did that happen? The actor did not push to be close to the child actress, but he can see before how Andrea tried to be close to him and looks at him as a father figure.

They grew close also because they were working together almost every day. Because Bea kept on hearing about Andrea, she asked Zanjoe if she can also meet her. Now, Bea is also close to the child actress.

There was even a time that Andrea spent the night with Zanjoe and Bea.

Since Andrea is a beautiful girl, is he also imagining his future daughter to look like her? Zanjoe said he will be happy as long as his daughter can be normal.

He and Bea have not talked about having kids in the future. In fact, when they are together with Andrea, they don't think of them as a family. It's like they have a younger relative with them.

But Zanjoe can see that Bea is a wife material because of the way she interacts with Andrea. Even if he leaves them both alone, the actor can see that they still get along well and they can find things to do together.

Are they talking about their savings already? Zanjoe said they don't talk about that, and they don't pressure themselves to save for their future. It's his choice to want to save for his future family because he wants to be able to provide well for his wife and kids.

He believes that there will come a time all these opportunities will stop knocking on their doors. So, while the projects are still there, he and Bea want to grab them and make the best out of them.

If ever they get married, does he still want him and Bea to be active in showbiz? He will allow Bea to do what she wants, especially because she became an actress first before meeting him.

Zanjoe knows how much she loves her job, and he will never take away something she loves.

After "Annaliza," Zanjoe is set to do another movie.

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Zanjoe Marudo Is Not Yet Ready To Get Married

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